We The People

We The People

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Gates

By Tammy Derouin

Some things never change.  Our-soon-to be former president is encouraging the protesters and rioters to show their displeasure with the outcome of the election.  Instead of calling for calmness, he is once again stoking the fire.  Should we really be surprised? 

Obama’s presidency has been a continuous, non-stop attempt to create unrest.  It’s as if his policies and dictatorial orders were an intentional attempt to divide the American people.  A Clinton presidency would have continued the war against Americans.  Those who refuse to see reality may continue to deny the truth, but I think history will eventually put all speculation to rest.

We cannot always control what is going to happen, but we gain some control when we decide how we are going to proceed and handle the situation.  How you react to an action, in many cases, determines whether things will escalate or simmer.  There is usually a bright or positive side even when things don’t go as you envisioned.   

I understand that many Americans are disappointed in the outcome of the election.  Many of the reasons being thrown around are imaginary fears, being fueled by their party.  The election is over, Mr. Trump has won.  Let’s give him the same chance that so many gave Mr. Obama upon his unbelievable rise to the presidency. 

I also understand that we are living in a time when hypocrisy is king.  We know very well that if the tables were turned, Obama and his party would be condemning such unruly behavior if they were the target.  We would be assured that our rights and freedoms are not on the chopping block, despite eight years of proof to the contrary.

It is time we start looking at the positive side to the outcome of this election.  We should be relieved that an individual with a trail of corruption, going back to her early professional career, did not make it to the White House.  It’s mind-boggling to comprehend that Hillary actually made it this far with so many scandals attached to her name.  The “gates” alone are enormous.,,,,,,,,