We The People

We The People

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Team Trump is already kicking butt at the United Nations | New York Post

Team Trump is already kicking butt at the United Nations | New York Post:

"Want to rein in the bureaucratic bees at the United Nations? Forget honey; grab the vinegar.

America is boycotting a weeklong session at the UN Human Rights Council that started Monday, and is pressuring others to oppose five related resolutions expected to be raised on Friday, at the end of that session.

As US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley pointed out Monday, "

The Countdown to Comey Caving has Ended | American Center for Law and Justice

The Countdown to Comey Caving has Ended | American Center for Law and Justice:

 "For the third time in the final four months of a presidential election, Director Comey has interjected himself into the political process.

He conducted a faux investigation. He reopened that faux investigation. And he again closed it after supposedly reviewing hundreds of thousands of emails in just 8 days.  Just three days after, FBI Director Comey reopened the investigation, I told our national radio audience on our October 31st broadcast of Jay Sekulow Live to watch the countdown to Director Comey caving.  And he did just that.

Here’s what I said:"

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sling Shot

By Tammy Derouin

Being politically correct is not my style. In fact, I held firm on referring to those who entered the United States illegally as illegal aliens. Mainstream media decided they needed to soften the offense by calling them illegal immigrants. I was happily surprised and a bit amused that “alien” crept back into the description after Trump took office.

 The United States is the beacon of hope for people all around the world. The desire to live free is what draws people here. Freedom is the ultimate goal. Living in a country which recognizes your God-given rights is a blessing and one that should not be taken for granted.

We protect our homes from those who seek to enter illegally. We wouldn't allow anyone to enter our home if they were openly threatening to destroy it. There are reasons we build fences, install locks, security systems and cling to our God-given right to protect ourselves. Why should it be any different for our homeland?

Do you know anyone who would intentionally leave their family, home and belongings vulnerable to a home invasion? Do you know anyone that would open their door, shrugging off death threats and or acts of violence against them and their family? It would be beyond irresponsible. Family members would question their sanity. Would you really betray your family to avoid being called a name?

The old playground bullying tactics have been commandeered by Left-wing radicals. As kids, name calling was an occasional fact of life. Eventually, you learned it was only a word. Those who knew you, knew the truth. If you feed a bully, he returns and demands more. The more you cower and give in, the happier you make him. You are empowering your very own enemy; one that will attack every chance he gets. The worse thing you can do to a bully is stand up to him.

There are several ways to defeat a bully. Eventually, you find what works best for you. When you've reached your fill, your weapon, either in attitude, words or my personal favorite, humor, comes out shaped like a little sling shot. You take aim and bring Goliath to his knees. You stood up to the enemy and didn't allow him to destroy you. You identified the aggressor and protected yourself from further attacks.

Americans have become way too soft. We have allowed the bullying tactics of the Left to influence our common sense. We have allowed illegal aliens, our enemies and our elected politicians to sway our way of thinking. They have convinced a good portion of the American people that non-citizens are protected by our Constitution. They are not! Shame on government for pushing such a lie and shame on Americans for not knowing their own history. If you do not know history and if you do not know your rights, you can and will be controlled.

The United States is not perfect but it is exceptional. We are still free, but how long we remain free is up to us. The more we cower to our enemies both foreign and domestic, the more we lose our independence and our freedom. We must identify who is attacking us and why. Until we come to terms with the fact that we have a problem within our borders, we are going to continue to lose our identity.
When, and maybe more importantly, why, did it become racist to have pride in our country? Why does flying the American flag, wearing red, white and blue, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, standing respectfully for the National Anthem, or including patriotic songs to celebrate our history, offend people who are living in the United States and reaping the benefits? If you are a legal immigrant, you are protected by the U.S. Constitution and have the same God-given rights as a natural born citizen. Why wouldn't you take pride in the very symbols and documents that acknowledge your individualism and freedom? If you are here illegally and are offended by any of the above, there is a simple solution, get out!

If Americans continue to bow to the bullying tactics of the Left, our enemies, we will lose our identity. Take a long hard look at what is happening in Europe. Do you want that to happen here? If we do not know our rights and do not learn and teach our history, we will be deceived and destroyed. We have already witnessed the devastating effects of a two-term charlatan. What you don't know can and will hurt you.

“One of the most important reasons for studying history is that virtually every stupid idea that is in vogue today has been tried before and proved disastrous before, time and again.”

Thomas Sowell

Top EPA Official Unexpectedly Resigns, Citing Rampant Infighting At Agency

Top EPA Official Unexpectedly Resigns, Citing Rampant Infighting At Agency:

 "A senior member of the Trump administration’s transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency unexpectedly resigned last Wednesday, citing concerns of the “integrity” of long time workers at the agency.

David Schnare, an outspoken climate change skeptic, was a member of the so-called EPA “landing team” tasked with creating an “action plan” to reform the agency.

Schnare’s abrupt resignation came as a surprise. He was expected to accept a leading position at the EPA."

Trump Jobs Boom: IBM to Hire 2,000 Vets After Meeting with Prez - Breitbart

 Trump Jobs Boom: IBM to Hire 2,000 Vets After Meeting with Prez - Breitbart:

"The Trump jobs boom continues, with computer giant IBM announcing that it is set to hire 2,000 veterans of the U.S. Military after a meeting with President Donald J. Trump."

James Woods Posts Tweet Showing What Democrats Have Done to America

James Woods Posts Tweet Showing What Democrats Have Done to America:

 "If you listen to the Democrats, it was either a) the Russians, b) “fake news,” c) James Comey, d) sexism/racism/xenophobia/(insert bigotry here), or e) all of the above.

However, actor James Woods seems to have a better handle on it. In a list that he posted to Twitter, he nailed down exactly why the American people were fed up with the Democrats."

Trump Immigration Order Legal & Constitutional: Five Federal Judges Explain Why | National Review

Trump Immigration Order Legal & Constitutional: Five Federal Judges Explain Why | National Review:

 "In a dissent written by Jay Bybee and joined by Alex Kozinski, Consuelo Callahan, Carlos Bea, and Sandra Ikuta, the judges explain why the panel’s decision was full of errors that “confound Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit precedent” that will make it impossible for the district courts “to know what law to apply in the future.” Moreover, they note, the personal views of federal judges should be “of no consequence.” “Whatever we, as individuals, may feel about the President or the Executive Order, the President’s decision was well within the powers of the presidency, and ‘[t]he wisdom of the policy choices made by [the President] is not a matter for our consideration.’”"