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We The People

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 26, 2012
It Makes Me Wonder
By Tammy Derouin
I was in a waiting room recently, equipped with several televisions.  It struck me that nothing of substance was on any of the channels.  Even the televisions with network “news” programs weren’t talking about anything of real importance.  Our embassies are on fire!  Al-Quada replaced the American flag with their flag!  Americans are dying and the White House can’t get its story straight. 
It makes me wonder how the people of this nation are going to feel when they discover the news agencies have either been lying to them or just never informed them.  There are good examples in history as to what happens but history isn’t being taught anymore.  There are still some people in the media that want to report the real news but even they tread lightly.  They are called racists, conspiracy theorists, wacko’s and the list goes on.  The proof can be right in front of them but they deny it.  Recently, the host of an MSNBC show refused to run a video of Obama stating that he was for redistribution of wealth.  The reason, it hadn’t been verified.   He was on a video speaking and she couldn’t confirm it?  The sad and confusing fact, America is buying it. 
It makes me wonder how people will feel when they realize just how bad things really are.  They won’t blame themselves for being uninformed but you can bet they will blame something or someone.  The press has failed us and will be blamed.  The news was a fact finding business.  They are supposed to report the facts and let them fall where they may.  The media isn’t supposed to take sides; they aren’t supposed to have an agenda. 
It makes me wonder how long it will take before people realize the game has changed.  Romney is getting slammed against the wall for telling the truth and stating facts.  There was a time when the media went after the person who lied, covered up facts, consorted with our enemies and tried to cripple the American way of life. For some reason they now embrace such a person. Romney is being condemned and told he is out of touch because he gave accurate information.   Correction, he underestimated.  It’s 49 percent of Americans are dependent upon government assistance not 47 percent.
It makes me wonder how people will feel when they discover that the Federal Reserve is destroying our currency.  The fed is now in QE3 and this time there is no limit.  Quantitative Easing is the nice way of stating that the Federal Reserve is printing or digitalizing the American currency.  This time there is no limit.  Think of it like an Obama stimulus package with no end. 
It makes me wonder how people will feel when they realize the government is building a storage unit in Nevada for collecting data.  It’s five times larger than the Capital Building and will store every phone conversation, email and electronic transaction of any kind. 
It makes me wonder how people will feel when they realize that the Muslim Brotherhood has been invited into the White House.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been embraced by this administration.  Sharia Law has been upheld in many courtrooms across America. 
It makes me wonder why people accept gas prices at $4 a gallon but $1.85 under George Bush was criminal.
It makes me wonder why, after almost four years of failed policies, Obama is being considered for a second term.  He said he would cut our debt in half.  It’s gone up 51 percent, from $10.6 trillion to $16 trillion in less than four years.  The U.S. went from being in first place for global competiveness four years ago to seventh place.  If you hired someone to work for you and they not only didn’t do the job but left your business in worse shape than before they arrived, would you seriously consider keeping them on so they could continue to cripple you?
It makes me wonder if people will ever cry foul when the Obama campaign allows our flag to be disrespected, repeatedly.  Obama’s image has been placed in the blue field, eliminating the stars.  The flag was left on the ground at a rally.  The Obama campaign has once again removed our stars and replaced them with his “forward” logo. 
It makes me wonder why people can’t see that Obama has been tearing our country apart.  Eventually, people may open their eyes.  I just hope it’s before our country and our flag have changed forever. 
It makes me wonder when people will realize President Obama did exactly what he said he would do, fundamentally transform America.  This time around we know what he means.
“Being president doesn’t change who you are – it reveals who you are.”
Michelle Obama

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012
Obama Has Disgraced America
By Tammy Derouin
America was attacked this past week.  What did our president do?  The same thing he always does, nothing.  It amazes me that he is seen as such a foreign policy genius.    He takes credit for the fall of Osama Bin Laden.  Yes, he was killed under Obama’s watch.  He didn’t do it himself.  He had a lot of help.  I guess when the accomplishments of your administration are lacking to the point of scrapping bottom, you have to cling to any accomplishment.
The radicals in the Middle East conveniently used a film on You Tube as an excuse to invade our embassies, our territory.  However, more and more evidence is surfacing that it was a planned and coordinated attack.  Evidence is also surfacing that the U.S. State Department had credible information up to 48 hours before the embassy in Cairo and the consulate in Benghazi were attacked.  Instead of being prepared and defending our territory and our people, we have images of defeat.
The anniversary of September 11 was another reminder to the American people why we cannot allow radical Muslims to dictate our future.  Political correctness has only led us down a path of darkness.  We were invaded.  Americans were killed.  Our flag was ripped down and an Al Qaeda flag rose above our embassy.  Where’s the outrage Mr. President? 
The president and his administration have failed miserably at representing the United States and its values.  Instead of being outraged, his administration was once again apologetic and sympathized with our attackers.  A statement from an embassy reflects the opinion and beliefs of the administration. The embassy’s response was in line with the administration’s beliefs.  One has only to look at his apology tour and his loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood and other anti-American groups.  I feel it was a disgrace that Obama didn’t condemn the attacks immediately.  Our territory was invaded and destroyed and our people were killed. Obama has disgraced America.
Hillary Clinton had the audacity to ask, “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?”  If this doesn’t show failure to understand high risk security threats and absolute ignorance about the people the administration has aligned themselves with, nothing will. The State Department website acknowledged that threats in Egypt and Libya remain great.  There is also evidence that Islamist terrorists were going to take action against U.S. interest in the region.  The consulate where Ambassador Stevens was killed didn’t have Marines because it was an interim facility.  The Obama administration allowed this attack to take place by ignoring the warning signs.  The anniversary of September 11 should have been taken into account in such a volatile region.
The Obama administration created the current crises in the Middle East.  Obama supported the Arab Spring.  He supported the “spontaneous” uprising of the youth.  Well, we know better now.  The Muslim Brotherhood is now in control.  Their party is called Freedom of Justice.  They believe in freedom from the laws of man and justice according to Islamic law.  Get use to the word Caliphate.
The Obama administration gave Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, over One Billion Dollars.  How will the Muslim Brotherhood use American taxpayer money?  Some of it will be used to purchase German submarines.  Meanwhile, our military is facing huge cutbacks.  Hugo Chavez is purchasing Russian submarines.  Americans are funding Chavez as well.  Chavez owns Citgo so every time you purchase fuel from Citgo, you are funding Chavez.   Interesting isn’t it?   
Since Obama became president, it has become more and more evident where his loyalties lie.  It isn’t with the United States or our traditional allies.  Israel can no longer take American support for granted.  The American people may support Israel but our president does not.  The latest snub came this past week when Prime Minister Netanyahu requested a meeting with President Obama.  Unfortunately, Obama was too busy to meet with a loyal friend of the United States.  I understand Obama was preparing to be on Letterman.
Once again the safety and security of the American people has been ignored.  Either Obama doesn’t understand the real threat to America or he just doesn’t care.  These days, I would bet, he just doesn’t care.  The Government Accountability Institute released some very disturbing statistics. During Obama’s first 1,225 days in office, he attended only 536 or 43.8 percent of his Presidential Daily Briefings.  During 2011 and 2012 his attendance went down to 38 percent.  This isn’t the behavior of a president that puts the nation’s security as a top priority.   
“In the Middle East, in particular, a strong, credible America remains the best guarantor of Israel’s integrity and survival as a free nation.”
Ronald Reagan

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 13, 2012
“Progressive Labor is a Revolutionary Communist Organization”
By Tammy Derouin
As a former union member, I’m pretty sure the majority of the people that are members of unions are not Communists, at least not at the local level.  When I was in a union (AFL-CIO) I never heard anything about communism.  There wasn’t an agenda to end capitalism.  I don’t believe there was any desire to overthrow the government.  The people were good hard working people that wanted a fair wage and decent benefits, but who doesn’t?  I feel that there was a time when unions did play an important role in our history.  Issues such as child labor, working conditions and the establishment of a 40 hour work week are just a few of the benefits to have come about due to unions.  Many organizations or programs begin because there is a need for improvement.  The original message has become an acceptable part of the American way of life.  I think most people would agree that children should be in school not working in a factory.  People should be treated fairly based on their knowledge and ability regardless of their race, gender or age.  To do anything less wouldn’t be accepted or tolerated by the American people.  Yet unions do hold people back.  Collective bargaining demands equal pay and benefits for groups of people. What collective bargaining doesn’t promise in return is equal output and quality.  Employees that go above and beyond are not rewarded because it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the union body.  Those that do the bare minimum to collect a paycheck, penalize the entire union body.  It’s the do nothing employees that management considers when wage increases or benefits are discussed.  This across the board equal pay, for less than equal work, eventually kills moral.  It doesn’t take long to see that there isn’t any personal gain for going above and beyond.
Those that are members of a union need to look deeper into the agenda of their union. What are the representatives at the national and international level involved in?  As a former union member, I believed that the union was looking out for the little guy.  But now, I believe that unions are a means to an end.  By the way, collective bargaining isn’t a right and never should be.  We are individuals not a collective.   
Mike Golash was a major D.C. Union boss of chapter 689 Amalgamated Transit Union.  Golash was caught on camera making some very serious statements.  He said, “Progressive labor is a revolutionary communist organization.  Its objective is to make revolution in the United States, overthrow the capitalist system and build communism.”  He went on to say that he and his comrades are, “trying to learn something from the historical revolutions of the past: the Russian revolution, the Chinese revolution, the revolutions in Cuba and Eastern Europe…”  Once again I have to state that these countries are far from prosperous.  People try to escape communism.  The United States is still the destination of choice.  We have people from all over the world trying to get in.  Something tells me that history isn’t being taught anymore. 
Golash continues, “The capitalists – they have their organizations: the FBI, the CIA, the secret police, the military, the army, etc., etc.  They have organizations to maintain their power.  It’s foolish to think that without a disciplined organization made up not of a few people but of millions and millions of people, [we] can bring down capitalism.” 
Former SEIU official, Stephen Lerner encouraged economic terrorism.  It was his goal to destroy the stock market and weaken Wall Street.  He wanted to force a crisis that would redistribute wealth and prompt a change in government.  Lerner was also part of a group panel discussion on how to abolish capitalism.  Lerner played a major role in the OWS movement.  Recently an OWS organizer admitted that the goal of his protest group was to “overthrow the capitalist system and build communism.”  If you paid any attention to the OWS protest that shouldn’t come as a surprise. 
When you look at the list of OWS supporters, sponsors and sympathizers (available on line) it should concern you.  If you are a member of a union, you could very well be supporting something that you are completely against.  Are you in lock step with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam?  How about Hugo Chavez, Revolutionary Communist Party, Hezbollah, Marxist Student Union, Communist Party of China, American Nazi Party or Communist Party USA?  If not, maybe it should concern you that Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Barack Obama are also on this very same list.
The Communist goals of 1963 (for America) were entered into Congressional record on January 10, 1963.  You will be amazed how many have come to pass.  Goal #36 states “Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.”
If you are a union member, is this your agenda? 
“The goal of socialism is communism.”
Vladimir Lenin

September 5, 2012
Obama’s Ideology
By Tammy Derouin
I’m pleased to see “Obama 2016” is being shown locally.  The Left is upset but facts are facts.  You can accept it, deny it or make excuses.  Americans need to be informed because this is so much bigger than Obama.  He didn’t build this movement.  He had help, a lot of help.  Being the narcissist that he is, I’m sure he will try to take all the credit. Obama need not be concerned; the press will make sure he receives his gold, I mean red star.  It’s criminal that the press didn’t do their job and investigate candidate Obama.  It’s important that we do our part as well. We must search for the truth.  The Left wants you to take them at their word.  This is why I like alternative news sources, they tell you to check it out for yourself. 
 One part of the film focuses on Obama’s very real potential of becoming the first African-American president.  People wanted to be part of history by voting for Obama.  This idea disturbed me.  I remember the shock that an unknown senator with so little experience beat Hillary for the nomination.  I would no more vote for Hillary because she was a woman than vote against Obama because of his race.  The beliefs and ideology of those running for office is what’s important.
Who was Obama and what were his beliefs?  Why wasn’t he being investigated and questioned about his past like most politicians?  When potential damaging issues arose, they were swept away with little more than a raised eyebrow.  The controversy with Reverend Wright is a good example.  I happen to think it is news when the spiritual leader of a potential president says, “God damn America.”  The press was beginning its transformation.
I feel the Democratic Party used the sincerity of their supporters to go way beyond what most considered acceptable change.  I think Americans wanted a change after Bush.  It couldn’t get any worse, could it? I don’t think a fundamental change in our government, attempting to abolishing capitalism and the free market and ending the western way of life was what most people voted for, if they voted for Obama.
Do we as Americans believe we are responsible for our future?  Do we believe that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our rights?  Do we believe that the nation prospers when the government is small and stays out of our business?  Do we want government to control everything in our lives?  Right now we are free to pursue our own individual dreams and happiness.  If we don’t like our job, our home, or where we live, we have the freedom to make changes and pursue other avenues.  There are no guarantees that we will be successful.   We have the right to pursue our individual happiness.  We control our future, at least for now.
Obama wants to control everything.  He believes that the government makes better decision than individuals.  Do you want the government to be your boss and provide everything for you?  Do you want to give up your voice, your decisions and your rights? 
Take a look at the housing, vehicles and care the people of communist countries receive.  They try to escape their government.  The suicide rate is also very high.  Remember your first real taste of freedom?  It was when you owned your own vehicle.  Even if it was rusty and unreliable, it was yours.  You determined how important it was to fix based on how desperately you wanted to come and go as you pleased.  You worked hard and eventually bought something newer and more reliable.  Do you really want the government to decide what you drive, when you drive or where you drive?  It kind of takes the drive right out of life.  If the government provides for you, the government controls you.
Four years ago Americans could claim they didn’t know anything about Obama.  We have much more information now.  Facts are facts.  If you see the film and agree with Obama’s ideology, it’s your vote to cast.  If you gasp, like I heard so many do, research it for yourself.  There wasn’t much in the film that surprised me.  I’ve researched and read the facts.  Don’t blindly follow because of party affiliation.  Understand the beliefs and ideals about the person you stand behind.  This election may be the most important in our nation’s history.  Do we want to be free and determine our future or do we want to turn everything over to the government and become like Europe?  They have done so well.
“The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.”
Samuel Adams


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