We The People

We The People

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 27, 2013
Progressives Paint An Illusion
By Tammy Derouin
The apology tour continues in the school curriculum.  My daughter read a statement followed by a question that was part of her homework.  I became just a little unglued when she began to read me her response.  The statement included information about the amount of money that is spent on American children compared to an eastern country.  The question was, do American children have too much?  As she began to read her answer, I could feel the anger stirring in the pit of my stomach.  She didn’t understand why I was upset.   
The answer she began to read was exactly what the progressives want her to think. She stated, in her original answer, that American children have too much.  I began a lesson in American History. Americans do not have too much. Generations of Americans have worked hard to make America a very successful country.  Taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots doesn’t solve the problem.  It makes it worse.  Those who have become successful used to be the example to follow.  In today’s world they are seen as evil and greedy.  There is a growing mentality that successful people don’t deserve everything they’ve earned.  This is very dangerous thinking.
Americans should never apologize for what they have accomplished. Success yields rewards.  Financial success is usually a product of hard work and determination.  We live in, or should I say lived in, the world’s most prosperous nation.  When you compare the age of our country, 237 years, to the age of other countries, we are very young.   It’s absolutely amazing how many improvements and advancements have occurred during our nation’s short history.  We didn’t achieve this lifestyle by sitting on the couch waiting for a government check to arrive.   We are, or were a nation of determination.  We didn’t sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to fix the problem, especially the government. We are a nation of ingenuity which breeds invention and innovation. Why have so many of the world’s greatest minds come to the United States?  It wasn’t for hand-outs.  It was because the United States provided a unique opportunity.  It’s what made the United States exceptional.  
By nature, we compete.  We want to do better. We want to improve.  As humans we are never satisfied.  Progressives feel they can satisfy everyone’s needs by providing everything for everyone. Everybody gets the same regardless of skill or ability.  You can’t regulate happiness.  They are however, doing their best to regulate life and liberty.  Oppressive governments paint pictures of gray for everyone.  Everyone is expected to be satisfied because everyone has been subsidized with the same tools and benefits.  The hope for so many people who came to the United States was the opportunity to succeed.  They weren’t promised success.  It was up to their ability and chance.   Social safety nets didn’t exist.  They were motivated to succeed because they needed to survive.  Even though success wasn’t a guarantee, they still came.  They saw America as the land of opportunity.  They could push their limits and try new ideas.  They were free to succeed or fail.
Our Constitution gives everyone the opportunity to paint as many individual colorful pictures as you desire.  You have to be willing to obtain your own canvas and paint brushes.  It’s not the government’s responsibility to provide you with your painting supplies.  The amount of painting you do is up to your individual talents and determination.  Socialism and communism limit an individual’s aspiration.  Everyone is given a canvas, brushes and a palette of gray.  Everyone’s picture captures the same bleak future.  If the government provides all the tools, where’s the excitement and adventure?  Where’s the incentive to improve?  There is no longer a will to paint as much as you can because no matter how much you paint, it all looks the same. 
I want my daughters to understand the evils of socialism and communism. I want them to be able to identify a lie when it’s being told to them.  Progressives paint an illusion.  At first glance it may look pretty but without substance, without freedom, color doesn’t exist.  A nation that was once bright and vibrant now looks as bleak as the rest of the world.  We can be equally miserable with the same government issued canvas, palette and gray paint or we can demand our elected servants follow the Constitution.  Without the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we have no future; we have no color in our lives.
“The [U.S.] Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals…it does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the conduct of the government…it is not a charter for the government power, but a charter of the citizen’s protection against the government.”
Ayn Rand



Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 20,2013
How Dare They
By Tammy Derouin
Senator Feinstein and the Progressive members of Congress feel they know what’s best.  How dare they attempt to regulate my weapon of choice.  How dare they assume they can tamper with my rights.  They are disarming law abiding American citizens but they are very aware of that fact.
I applaud those in Congress who are willing to stand up to the Progressives.  It’s refreshing to know there are some in Congress willing to use the Constitution as a guide.  Progressive politicians have betrayed the very basic principles of our nation.  They will state they have great respect for the Constitution yet they attempt to dismantle it. 
Studies have shown that gun violence in America has increased dramatically with increased violence in the entertainment industry.  If they were truly concerned about the massacres that have taken place they would take aim at Hollywood, not the American people.  Massacres like we witness in today’s society didn’t take place when every household had a gun over the mantle or when every cowboy or townsmen had one strapped to their waist.  Violence has increased dramatically in entertainment and so has violence in our society.
We have reduced the value of human life to points per kill.  We have allowed degrading lyrics, images and gestures into music and music videos.  So it’s okay for a “musician” to make the gun gesture with his hand but a kid on the playground is subjected to being expelled and humiliated?  We are going to freak out because a kid shows a picture of a B B gun or a fourth of a Pop Tart is missing?  Have we really become so dimwitted?   The entertainment industry and irresponsible parents share much blame.  Progressives won’t  sever a hand that has fed them so well. They won’t consider anything except gun control because that is exactly what it is, control.
Senator Feinstein stated she didn’t need a lecture on the Constitution.  How about a lesson in history?  History is why we must follow the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.  If our elected officials truly believed in the founding principles of this nation, they would follow the guide they’ve sworn to uphold.    
History teaches very clearly that when a government wants complete control, it disarms the population.  The people are told it is for their protection.  Once the population is disarmed, the government swoops in and scoops up people they find dangerous, to be determined and amended as needed.  Once the people have no means of protecting themselves, tyranny claims its throne. 
The European Jews, German Jews, are a prime example in history.  The Jews were blamed for Germany’s problems.  They too were disarmed.  They were labeled and segregated.  Their placement in the ghettos was for their protection.  Once they were defenseless and had no means of information or communication they were moved once again.  The final move didn’t end well for six million. This was Hitler’s Final Solution.
The Communists disarmed the population in the Soviet Union.  Under Stalin, 20 million people were rounded up and exterminated.  History proves that the people suffer when a government becomes too powerful and turns to Communism.
American History has examples too.  The mass exodus and what I call genocide of the Native Americans.  Japanese internment camps during WWII and when the government prohibited the black population to own guns after slavery was abolished.  These are just a few examples.  I do believe it can happen in America because it already has happened.  Once we give up our rights for security we are no longer free.  We will become just like Europe; on the road to serfdom.
I will not apologize for being concerned when my own government attempts to disarm the population.  I will not apologize for the concern I have when my government takes control of the news media.  The government is trampling over the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.  I grew up learning that our government was different because of its structure.  I learned that Americans were exceptional because we had the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.  I will not apologize nor will I allow Progressives to demonize me or anyone that stands up to defend our Constitution. 
Progressives are all about control.  Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is an excellent example.  He’s the mayor, not your parent!  People that want to build a utopia are very dangerous.  History is full of examples of those that wanted to rule the world.  Their path of destruction impacts millions as they try to build a perfect society.  When did Americans become the sheep? 
How dare they claim to respect the Constitution. 
“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.  The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
Thomas Jefferson


Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 13, 2013
It Happened For A Reason
By Tammy Derouin
I read an article that suggested Americans are reacting to Obama and his administration as battered wives react to their abusers.  I was part of a conversation where the wife beater T-shirt was mentioned.  I wondered if anybody heard the gears turning.  I was all set, what else did I need?  Right on cue, my Nemesis the Narcissus wanted to flex some muscle.  Really, I was doing great with the first two experiences.  I can always depend on the Narcissus doing what he does best, confirming why I left.
I could curse the day I said, “I do” but what good would it do?  I wouldn’t have grabbed a bucket of popcorn, a soda and propped up a chair to watch my life go from bright to dark though either.  It happened and it happened for a reason.  Similarities do exist between my personal experiences and what I see taking place in our country.   I’ve experienced the wrath of a controlling narcissus.  I’ve had a real problem with Obama’s smug and arrogant attitude from the beginning.  Besides the fact that it’s just plan irritating, it reminds me of darker days.  When I feel like I’m being watched, followed too closely, or I need to simply voice an opposing opinion, I go back.  The overwhelming feeling of dread and fear cannot be forgotten. 
The similarities between the Dictator in Chief and my nemeses are eerie.  The worst thing you can do to a narcissistic control freak is defy their presumed authority and leave them.
What do power hungry controllers do?  They figure out what’s important to you.  This allows them to manipulate and control your behavior.  Controllers watch and monitor your every move.  They make sure you become financially dependent on them.  They limit your mobility; making it difficult or inconvenient to freely move around.  They carry out unreasonable searches and seizures.  It doesn’t matter that what you have is legal.  They try to limit information.  Information they don’t agree with is mocked and belittled.  They will falsely accuse you and will attempt to discredit you.  A controller wants to be able to scoop you up, shut you up and remove you from sight if you threaten authority.  The controller becomes accuser, witness, judge, jury and executioner.  What was once acceptable is criminal.  What was once freedom is servitude.
The victim will usually protect the abuser.  If defending an abuser makes life somewhat easier, you do what you must to survive.  The ultimate threat is eventually made.  Would the Controller really follow through?  Have your really become irrelevant?  The controller has the ability to eliminate you but would he, really?  It would have to be such an extreme, hypothetical circumstance for it to even be considered, he states.  Out of fear you do everything you can to keep the peace. 
The controller makes and alters the rules for his benefit.   Rules change without notice leaving you vulnerable for attack.  The controller has removed all obstacles for the impending and complete takeover.  All of your defenses were removed for your protection.   All safety nets and backup systems were made obsolete.  You even welcomed the controller’s reasoning for removing the security system and accepting the controller’s protection. 
Does any of this sound familiar?  A controller abuses power whether it’s in your personal life or it’s affecting our nation as a whole.  Our freedoms and liberties, our very existence is being extinguished.  Why do we go back for more?
The office of president has been abused beyond recognition.  The presidential seal is only an image.  We have a dictator.  He was cheered when he said he would take more power.  Congress and Americans smile and applaud his abuse of power.  It’s terrifying to stand up to a controller but it must be done.  We must wake up from this hypnotic spell that has fallen over our nation. 
How much must we endure before we realize what is happening?  Why do certain events take place?  Misery kept me determined to avoid children.  So why, after so many years did children come about in what would become the final years?  What possible wisdom was there in taking the last little piece of control I had away from me?  They saved me.  I couldn’t do it on my own.  Apparently I needed to experience even more control to identify the situation.  I needed time to build strength and courage for the upcoming battle.  Everything happens for a reason.
Maybe the state of this nation has to get worse before it gets better.  Maybe we have to suffer and loose more of our freedoms before we are willing to admit we have a problem. 
“We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.”
Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 6, 2013
War on Americans
By Tammy Derouin
In the months leading up to the election I stayed away from a topic the Progressive propaganda machine was generating.  They engineered a phrase that would become a battle cry.  I will give the Left credit; they have a flare for producing and selling an idea no matter how unfounded and fictitious it may be.  The battle cry became The War on Women.
The Progressive war on women was absurd.  By making contraception a government issue the government in turn created a war on religion, free speech and free enterprise.  This isn’t a government issue.  If an insurance company doesn’t provide a service of interest, you take it up with the insurance company.  If an employer doesn’t provide a service of interest, it’s their choice.  Neither insurance or employment is a right.
What the Progressives have created is a false sense of entitlement.  I was reminded earlier this week of how Karl Marx felt capitalism could be destroyed.  Destroying the currency, extending social services, more taxation and government regulations would naturally increase the power of the government.  The purpose was to make a slow transition from a free society to an enslaved, collective society.  Surely Americans would never fall for such a scheme.  
The Progressives war on women has become a war on Americans.  Our Constitution is under relentless assault.  The main stream media may have had a wakeup call this past week.  Bob Woodward reported that a senior White House official threatened him.  Woodward expressed what he felt was behind the upcoming budget cuts.  He was told, “I think you will regret staking out that claim.”  Lanny Davis has also come forward and said he too was threatened by a senior Obama White House official.  This official phoned Davis and stated that he didn’t like some of his columns.  According to Davis, his editor informed him that if the Washington Times didn’t stop running his column, “We’re not going to treat you so well-and the implication was we’ll even take away your credentials.”  How interesting, the press is all of a sudden interested in free speech.  When it affects an issue of importance to them, they take notice.  This administration will leave you alone until you wipe the sleep out of your eyes and start thinking for yourself.  Once you begin to question a tyrant, those privileges that you once had disappear.
The war on Americans continues with the Second Amendment.  Interestingly, a war on women could be made here but the Progressives are silent.  It doesn’t fit their agenda.  Congressmen, Biden and Obama have all made ridiculous comments and suggestions when it comes to the Second Amendment.  We have a right to defend ourselves with as many bullets as necessary.  Do you think the criminals are going to carry the legal limit? Oh, that’s right, they won’t have guns.  The Second Amendment is about protecting ourselves from a runaway, tyrannical government.  Those in power either don’t know the Constitution or they are trying to dismantle it. 
There are those in Congress who think a whistle, call box, safe-zones and gun-free zones will keep you safe.  Criminals don’t play by the rules.  The only ones that obey the rules are law abiding citizens who may become victims because they bought into the false sense of security.  How believable are all those “Drug Free School Zone” signs?  Exactly!  At least those doing the drugs can see the lunacy in placing such a sign, unlike the government.
Maybe a gun wouldn’t help every person in every situation who is being victimized but it isn’t the government’s responsibility to determine how we protect ourselves.  You can’t regulate criminals.  They will never play by the rules.  The government fears the law abiding gun owners and that’s why they are under attack.  They do understand the Constitution. 
There is no such thing as a safe zone. You will never be completely safe.  Nobody and no government can guarantee such security.  The government will try to convince you they have all the answers.  They are trying to wrap each one of us in bubble wrap.  Security that tight is suffocating.  The government now has a vested interest in your health, another example of the war on Americans.
There is a movement underway in NYC that would allow people to trade their firearms for Beyonce concert tickets.  It could also lead to possible mentorships for some.  Good role models and values need to be instilled in children from day one, before they turn to gangs.  Criminals know where to get replacement guns; much like our criminals in office know how to print more money.  Is a concert ticket equal in value to a Constitutional right?
“He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.”
Thomas Paine