We The People

We The People

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Our Republic

By Tammy Derouin

I was blessed to be a student during the 1980’s.  My junior and senior high school days took place under the watch of the Reagan administration.  I remember hearing how patriotism was reborn under Reagan.  The country was still healing from Vietnam and Reagan helped to mend some of those wounds.  The country was also recovering from the Iranian Hostage Crisis and an oil crisis. The Cold War continued but its days were numbered.  We were in need of a strong leader.

Getting our country back on track has been a reoccurring theme for far too many years.  Although there will never be another Reagan, there is renewed hope that steps will be made to turn us back in the right direction. The United States is a Republic.  We took a wrong turn and allowed our country to travel down a path of self-destruction.  Our Republic began to fade as the tyranny of a dictator began to emerge. 

What is truly sad is that a generation has grown up under eight years of a scandal ridden administration.  The Obama administration imposed its will, not the will of the people, on the nation.  Abuse of power thrived. How was it possible for so many to get away with so much? It was as if there was a non-stop assembly line, shipping out all of the manufactured anti-American schemes, directly from the White House.  Obama became the Great Divider. He seemed to enjoy creating unrest and conflict among Americans. It became predictable that he would side with criminals and our enemies.

A generation watched as hate and hypocrisy took center stage.  This was the new role model for young, impressionable Americans.  Entitlements were pushed as rights.  Theories became truths.  Our history and traditions began to fade and were even re-written.  Love of country turned to hate and disrespect for our symbols of freedom was encouraged, especially among the young people.  Our Constitution never seemed to have a moment’s peace as a continuous assault on our rights and freedoms became a prime objective of this administration.

Of course, years of cuddling didn’t help prepare this generation for the reality of the real world. Trophies and ribbons, which were not deserved, were handed out like candy.  They were falsely told that everyone is a winner.  Failure was too harsh.  Bubble wrap replaced the much-needed reality check that bruises and Band Aids have to offer.  The Left continues to prove that they have shaped and molded a generation of weaklings.   

As I continue to watch the post-election, childish behavior of our young Americans, I fear for our country.  My very first thought, upon seeing such toddler-like tantrums, was what if we were invaded or there was a sudden need to take up arms and defend ourselves against, oh, I don’t know, maybe the enemy which has illegally entered our country under this administration.  What if there was a crisis?  How does this generation react? Play-Doh and coloring books will not keep us safe.

My next thought was, oh no, they’re going to run to a campus safe spot!  Well, much like those imaginary borders that they have tried to erase around our country, the enemy does not recognize safe zones.  If anything, they will seek them out in an attempt to get more kills and casualties.  I wonder just how important border security will become if there ever is a crisis.  I also wonder just how important the Second Amendment will become when or if the lack of security of the outgoing administration becomes an issue. 

Life Magazine has captured many great moments in time.  It has captured our joy and our sorrow.  There have been so many moving photographs which have captured the strengths and accomplishments of our nation.  Think about those pictures which show our servicemen.  They fought and defended us against evil.  They sacrificed their personal lives to keep the rest of us free.  Those that returned in a flag draped coffin gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. What photographs will capture this generation?  Will the cry-ins and self-soothing techniques from the inability to accept the outcome of an election win the photo of the year award?

In all honesty, my heart goes out to this younger generation.  They were not taught the importance of our history.  They have become cynical with some skewed idea that America is evil.  They truly missed out on an education.  Knowing your history, your rights and freedoms allows you to be independent.  So, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Left distances itself from the Constitution.  If they encouraged people to read and understand it, their ability to control would come to a sudden end.

“They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men.”

John Adams