We The People

We The People

Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 25, 2013
Winner Takes All
By Tammy Derouin
I answered my land line, something I rarely do.  There was a moment of awkwardness when the realization set in that this wasn’t going to be easy, poor guy.  I hope I wasn’t too difficult.  The caller asked if I would be interested in participating in a political poll.  I pulled up a chair, grabbed a drink and asked if he was ready.
The first question: which political party do you belong to or which best represents your political point of view?  He gave me two choices and that’s where the fun began, for me anyway.  In all fairness, I asked if he was ready.  I also asked if these were my only choices. 
I don’t claim either party.  The Democratic Party has shifted so far to the left that they’re not even an option for me. They’re going backwards, moving in the wrong direction but calling it progress.  How is it progress when they want to steer us back to the days of a top-down system of government? 
The Republican Party isn’t much better.  They too are moving closer to the left.  They’re just a little slower at it.  Some are resisting the shift from center and question how we got so far off course.  The rule book wasn’t designed to take us backwards. 
I’m a Constitutionalist.  I vote for the party most likely to uphold the Constitution, not destroy it.  The fact that I have to consider the destruction of the Constitution is a pretty good indicator as to how far from center we have wandered.
The Progressives have infected the Democratic Party so deeply that Democratic Socialist Party is a much more realistic name.  The Republican Party lost their spine which led to their values and beliefs.  When the Republicans decided to target the Tea Party, they shot themselves in the foot.  Of course, they didn’t realize how much damage they caused so they ignored the wound.  This only made their condition worse as they were already dealing with an infection.  It eventually traveled to the heart.  It destroyed their foundation causing their own death.
Our Constitution, which is the law of the land, has been repeatedly disregarded.  Why do so many Americans support a person or a party who do not adhere to the rules they should be following and protecting?  The Left has slowly infected the Right.  Our once balanced system has tipped, favoring one side.  Our two party system is merging into one.  If there’s only one party, there aren’t any political obstacles. The most powerful within the existing or ruling party will emerge and establish his desired system of government.  With no opposition, the winner takes all.
I’m sorry, what was the question?  Essay answers weren’t allowed so I chose the party that’s in the grave but hasn’t been buried.  I believe in miracles so I remain optimistic that enough people will realize what has been taking place and pray for a miracle.  I’m not suggesting the resurrection of the Republican Party.  I’m hoping the people in this great American experiment will realize what we are about to lose. 
As the poll continued, I was asked to prioritize the importance of government issues and which ones should be addressed first.  The only problem, all issues were high priorities.  All areas from national security, the deficit, to health care and education need immediate attention.  Each issue impacts the others. 
The most discouraging part of the poll was when certain high profile people from each party were paired together.  I was then asked who I would most likely vote for in the next presidential election.  The choices that were mentioned didn’t give me much hope.  It was a matter of which ones would destroy us later rather than sooner.
I don’t support either party.  When asked, I say I’m a Constitutionalist.  It usually causes the person to pause and consider what I’ve said.  After a moment, I get the nod of agreement.  If nothing else, I want people to consider the alternative.  If you believe in the American system of government, why would you support a person or group who is doing more to destroy it rather than uphold it? If you’re not supporting the Constitution, what are you supporting? 
“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.  Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”
Benjamin Franklin




Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 18, 2013
Listing and Sinking
By Tammy Derouin
Our shores were once coveted as a place to pursue hopes and dreams, not to take advantage of the system.   Our flag was the symbol of freedom but also a sign of relief for those escaping oppression.  Our founding documents were once cherished.  At one time we even elected leaders, including a president, who believed in America and the American way of life.
Our vessel will not survive this continuous assault from every direction.  Not only are the pirates launching wave after wave of unanswered attacks but the captain is drilling holes in the hull below deck.  His crew runs around stuffing rags into the ruptures they’ve created.  They assure us that all is well.  We are told to go back to our sunbathing.   As an extra bonus, free drinks are available at the bar, compliments of the captain.
Little by little, the integrity of the vessel weakens.  While we were busy soaking up the sun and enjoying free drinks, everything we needed to survive was tossed overboard.  It was for our own good, our survival.  Out of fear we accepted the captain’s explanation.    
The ship leveled off.  There was some damage but the captain reported that due to his quick thinking, he saved everybody from a watery grave.  He will not be questioned nor does he feel he needs to justify the means to his end.  He makes limited appearances and gives arrogant speeches. 
Eventually, the water seeps through the rags. The life-threatening water that was hidden and minimalized with props and disguises can no longer be contained.  The show is over and the reality is pouring through the holes.  They were able to distract us from irreversible damage with free entertainment while we bathed in the sun and downed free drinks.
Somebody makes their way below deck, a restricted area.  When we boarded the ship we were free to roam and ask questions.  A meddling passenger who was just a little too curious as to why the ship was listing and sinking wanted answers.  The passenger is caught, held without charges and then subjected to a secret trial where, you guessed it, the captain acted as judge, jury and executioner.  The passenger walked the plank.
The disappearance of one passenger caused unrest among the others.  Questions were being asked and witnesses emerged.  Why was there so much secrecy?  Why did the captain lie?  Why did he feel he had the right to throw everything overboard?  What made him qualified to determine what each individual needed or didn’t need for their journey?
As more passengers pulled away from the sun and the bar, they began to notice the signs of a sinking ship.  Even some of the crew began to realize all was not well.  The captain got word that there was unrest and answers were being demanded.  It was at this moment that disaster hit. The ship, which had been staying ahead of the storm, had turned and was now headed straight towards it.  The pirates who had temporarily backed off began to circle.  They were within firing range once again.
The captain didn’t let an excellent opportunity go to waste.  First he eliminated the rules or code of conduct.  No one had noticed they weren’t being followed anyway.  By the time the passengers began to look through the rules, it was too late.   The captain had repealed the code due to the state of emergency, a power he inserted while his crew distracted the passengers.  The captain took it upon himself to go around the code and anyone who stood in his way.
The weapons were the next obstacle, the only items not tossed overboard.  With such concern for the safety of the passengers, he pleaded for their cooperation.  Weapons had the potential of causing unintended damage so it would be in everyone’s best interest to give them up, well, except for the ones in the possession of the captain and his crew.  With the promise and guarantee that he would protect the passengers all weapons were confiscated. 
It wasn’t long before the crew began to look like pirates.  The water was rising and there were no longer any life boats available.  The captain began to lower the flag.  How did this happen?
While the passengers were distracted with free entertainment and refreshments, only a few noticed that the captain was consorting with the enemy, making promises and concessions, handing over our valuables and bowing to their every demand. 
The captain promised to protect the passengers.  All it cost them was their freedom, possessions and beliefs.  It was an empty promise, the means to justify the end.  I guess you could say he misspoke or maybe it was a half-truth, dare I suggest it was a lie?
“Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”
Alexis de Tocqueville


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013
Government Issued Life
By Tammy Derouin
There was a time when I looked forward to the holidays, everything from decorating, shopping, wrapping gifts, to planning meals and holiday parties.  Somehow it all came together.  It may not have gone as planned but that’s the kind of stuff that makes good stories years later.
Events of the past several years have made the holidays even more stressful. Deflecting swings from my nemesis has become an annual event.  Of course, additional blows are held many times throughout the year.  No tickets required as they come without warning.  Dates and location are subject to change.   No proof, accuracy or minimum words required and as always shipping and handling is free. 
I’m learning to deflect more of the blows.  My armor is within reach. I’m equipped with the best anti-nemesis devices available and I have a theme song, “Hit Me with Your Best Shot.”  Just to be clear, I’m not dealing with a broken heart.  My heart is beating just fine, no pieces to pick up.  When love has been absent for so long, leaving is the long awaited sigh of relief.    
If someone wants to knock you down, they will do everything they can to make you fall.  Sometimes they will even cause themselves injury in the process but only if the end justifies the means.  How you handle the blow is where you take control. 
I was having a tough week.  I went to bed early to give my mind a break.  Well, that backfired.  I woke up too many hours too soon with a mind unwilling to sleep.  At some point I dosed off and was visited by a dearly departed friend, my first dog.  She was a handful.  Her attributes included intelligence mixed with stubbornness, very energetic and a little mischievous.   She tried my patience but melted my heart.
There was some apprehension about getting this particular dog but not on my part.  Years later I was told she displayed all the characteristics of a “questionable choice.”  There’s a little irony here but I’ll let it pass.
At the end of the day she would curl up on my lap without hesitation.  I accepted her unconditionally from the first day our eyes met to the day her eyes close for the last time.  When love becomes conditional, it’s no longer love. 
When you put conditions on love it’s only a matter of time before it falls apart.  Trust and confidence begins to slip away.   It doesn’t matter if it’s the love of a person, an object or an idea. Conditions stand in the way and the love that was once there disappears.
Our government has been conditioning us for some time.  Little by little we have lost confidence in ourselves and as a nation.  We question our every movement and look to the government for approval.  We’ve handed over our liberties for a pat on the head and government issued treats.
There was a time when I looked forward to the future but government conditions have made life less than happy.  The government has become the guardian of our individual needs.  The amount of money we make or spend, the products we purchase, what we do and how we do it must meet their approval. 
Americans are creating their own nemesis. When everything is being monitored, freedom doesn’t exist. There is constant fear and you never know when or where the next punch will land.   It’s almost impossible to deflect their swings.  They know everything about you and they’re doing everything they can to disarm you.  
When the government pays the bills, you do what the government tells you to do.  Questionable decisions will put you at risk.  Unfortunately, you don’t know what’s right or wrong as rules change without notice.  Questionable attitude also comes into play. Behavior is also being monitored. 
Americans seem to be very content living in a government issued life.   We’ve allowed ourselves to become their pet.  There’s no love in this game.  Attitude and obedience will determine whether you receive a dog bed or dog house. 
By not calling the government on the carpet for the mess they’ve made, we’ve allowed them to slip a collar around our neck.  They will teach us to beg for treats and privileges.  They will walk us, feed us and provide medical treatment when they feel it’s necessary.  Their end result, being in complete control, justified the means it took to get them there. 
We’re all living at the dog pound now.  That’s what happens when you accept the blows and give up control.  Life doesn’t always go as planned.   But that’s the kind of stuff that makes good stories years later, right?
“It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.”
Vladimir Lenin





Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 4, 2013
The Doors of History

By Tammy Derouin
If anyone doubts America’s exceptional status in the world, I highly recommend taking a walk through an antique shop.  The advances Americans have made are nothing short of amazing.  What was it that propelled one nation above and beyond all the rest?  The answer was and always will be freedom.
Take a look back in time and you will find objects and tools that were once the latest in technology.  Each generation made advances that helped inspire creativity.  Telling an American they couldn’t do something would only fuel the individual’s determination to make it happen. 
I had the opportunity to walk through an antique mall recently.  It’s been awhile since I last enjoyed a walk through the doors of history.  Something was different this time. Instead of skimming over the booths, looking for particular objects of interest, I was captivated by the whole atmosphere.  Objects that I may have overlooked in the past drew me in for a closer look.
An antique shop is a museum for American artifacts.  These unique museums allow you to touch and purchase objects from the past.  Pick up a clothing iron from yesteryear and you won’t mind spending the little time it takes to press your clothing. 
I did however, find myself getting slowly irritated.  The more I meandered through the shop, the more my head began to throb.  Hard as I tried, I couldn’t get the irritating voice of America’s number one critic, our own president, out of my head.  This is not how I wanted to spend my Sunday afternoon, swatting a voice like my grandmother used to swat flies on a hot summer day.  If I’m going through the doors of history, I can’t neglect my own history now can I?  She had a good arm too; it may have had something to do with that iron.
It wasn’t long before his voice actually had me smiling. This time I had the smug look on my face and I won’t apologize.  We have a president who apologizes for everything American.  There’s no better place than an antique mall to see how far we, as Americans, have advanced not only our country but the world. 
The irritating tone of his voice and his unbelievable proclamation, “You didn’t build that,” was heard at every booth.  It was an outrageous attempt to change history.  Having so many examples at my fingertips had me wishing I could find a fly swatter.
I envision a parade in Washington D.C. with every participant carrying something that was built by an American who dared to dream.  A fly swatter could be held in everyone’s left hand.  It could symbolize that we will swat away the president’s attempt to not only change our history but to downplay the importance of American ingenuity.  Of course, the swatter could also symbolize what the progressives are successfully doing to our country.  They’re swatting away our individualism, self-reliance, our one nation under God and liberty.
Freedom of speech is a two-way street.  If American citizens can proudly display their accomplishments, it’s only fair to allow the government to show off what they’ve created.   I’d let them bring up the rear.  After all, that’s where they’re supposed to be, behind the citizens, encouraging them not swatting the life out of them.
I visualize floats representing what the government has created.  Such things as endless debt, entitlement programs, high unemployment, open borders and enemy infiltration within the government.  The ideas seem endless.  We could even have a banner to distinguish the difference between what Americans built and what the government created, just in case government Truthers are in the crowd.   How does, “FORWARD” grab you? 
A parade wouldn’t be complete without someone pushing the broom.  An American would represent all Americans, cleaning up the waste from U.S. Federal Inc.  Waste is the only product produced by the government.  Only the government, with funds provided by the people, could manufacture and distribute a product which nobody wants.  And if you don’t want their load of…, I mean product, they’ll fine you. 
It’s no accident the president chose “forward” to represent his platform.  He continues to push forward and uses the press to visually send messages that we should “lean forward.”   By keeping us distracted with the constant need to move forward, we aren’t able to fully focus on the destruction his campaign has already caused. 
There’s only one system of government that makes the population completely dependent upon the government, communism. Those who dare to speak or act as individuals are swatted down.
What will the next generation find when browsing through an antique shop?  Whatever book, newspaper or outlawed artifact it is, they will ask, “Why didn’t they see this coming?”
“As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.”
Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 27, 2013
Those in Their Left Mind
By Tammy Derouin
What will be the last straw for Americans?  Are we actually going to wait until the president takes full control of our government?  Maybe it will be the switch from president to dictator or a Constitution burning ceremony. Will that wake people out of their sugar induced coma?  Just before the final blow, the sugar drip will be turned up, ensuring smiles and applause.
Harry Reid and the president’s progressive minions are making us all obsolete.  The “nuclear option” they voted in will ensure the ruling party gets everything it wants.  Our system of government was designed to give balance.  Mr. Reid, Obama and so many other Democrats were deeply opposed to this very option when it was the Republicans who wanted to prevent the minority party from being heard.  It was wrong then and it is wrong now.
The president’s approval rating has dropped but not nearly enough.  Who in their right mind still believes the president is doing a good job?  I just answered my own question, those in their “left” mind.  This is all done by design.  It’s one more step to fundamentally transform America.  Majority rule will ensure progressive judges will be in place to interpret progressive law. 
The Obama administration has been caught lying once again. It’s time to distract the Americans.  Let the show begin.  First, blame and point fingers.   After all, a reason is needed to bring the smoke and mirrors back on stage.  Wave the magic wand and POOF, something else has disappeared.  If only it were your watch.  A watch, unlike freedom, is easily replaced.  
We won’t accept lies from our family and friends, yet we lap them up and beg for more from our government.  The government has handed out so many boxes of chocolates in hopes they can fool us into believing they haven’t done anything wrong.  If you question their behavior, a story is all ready for you.  They are masters of trickery.  They will spin it and even convince you they are doing it for your own good.  Trust them, they know what’s best.
Overloading the system will cause our government to collapse.  The progressives are well versed in the Cloward and Piven theory.  It’s the only way they can re-mold the system to their desired dream.  It’s happening before our very eyes.  They are overloading the system by creating endless entitlements, something for nothing.
Someone will ultimately pay for your benefit.  One person’s food stamps will come at the expense of someone else’s paycheck.  One person’s free Obama phone comes at the expense of higher rates for others.  Government bailouts and subsidies come at the expense of taxpayers.   Government interference in the free market system comes at the expense of our way of life.  Voting in majority rule comes at the expense of our system of government and eventually our freedom. 
A limited government is absolutely necessary for a free and prosperous nation.  American history shows that the people of the United States have been very successful and prosperous because of our exceptional existence.  We are exceptional because we are free.
The Constitution chains the government down.  Freedom requires accountability and a lot of hard work.  If it were easy, we wouldn’t be exceptional.
Progressives want everyone to be financially equal, meaning poor, with the government handing out benefits, playing god.  This is a global dream as well.  Our government needs to lower our standards to bring us in line with the rest of the world.  This produces a two class system, the elite and the poor. 
Progressives have control of the Executive Branch.  The Legislative Branch has become blurred as the president has overreached to mandate law without any consequences.  Now the Senate has voted that a simple majority will confirm judicial nominations.  That’s all three branches, America.
The problem has been created.  It’s only a matter of time before our government collapses.  The answer has already been formulated.  All they are waiting for is the frustration level to reach its peak causing panic and unrest.  Once the people cry out for help, they will swoop in with the solution to the problem; the problem which they created.  The solution will be neatly wrapped in red, white and blue.  This is done by design to make the final power seizing blow, appear welcomed. 
Giving things away produces loyalty.  It usually guarantees a vote but once you make yourself obsolete, the government no longer needs you.  The benefit to those who receive the free goods and services is short lived. The ultimate price is everyone’s freedom.
“I am also aware the Founding Fathers established the filibuster as a means of protecting the minority from the tyranny of the majority, and that protection, with some changes, has been in place for over 200 years.”
Senator Barack Obama






Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 20, 2013
Evil Is Evil
By Tammy Derouin
America no longer sets the standard for the world to follow.  There was a time when we defended the weak, stood by our allies, sent aid to those in need and provided shelter to those fleeing oppression.  We’ve destroyed our moral compass causing us to wander aimlessly with no sense of direction.  We wait to be led, thereby giving up control and freedom.   
Vladimir Putin and Russia appear to have taken the lead role on the world stage.  France is the only country willing to question the nuclear intentions of Iran.  The world no longer respects the United States.  The Middle East, the land of our enemies, no longer fears our presence.  Our reaction to world events is no longer predictable.  We’ve surrendered the soul of our nation to evil.  We’ve become weak and quite frankly, it’s pathetic. 
Back when America was strong and Americans were free, we not only stood for what was right, we announced it to the world.  We actually knew who our enemies were, and get this; we confronted and fought them when necessary.  What a novel concept; identified, confronted and vilify ones enemies. 
I recently watched music videos from a bye-gone area.  Back when artists could think for themselves, they told a story as they wished to tell it.  Freedom of speech wasn’t limited to the agenda of the ruling party.   They choreographed words and music with a visual theme that became a music video.  Sometimes creativity spawned love of country or pride in the American way of life.  A video could illustrate struggles that we’ve overcome as well as the pride and courage it took to achieve the desired goal.  The United States was a friend to those who valued individual freedom and foe to those who wished to oppress others.  We didn’t hide our convictions.  We knew where we stood.  Our enemies knew if they pushed us, there would be consequences.
I can’t even begin to imagine the consequences of a video where our present day enemies are depicted as our enemies.  I think the American people know who they are but the federal government refuses to acknowledge them.  Can you imagine the backlash of even hinting that a radical Islamic group or individual could be the “bad guy” in a video?  Our president might get a nasty note about racist American citizens openly using their freedoms as guaranteed in our Bill of Rights.  He might even feel pressure to apologize for our freedoms and blame a video for insighting violence in a country on the other side of the...  Oh wait, that actually happened.
We knew Hitler was our enemy during WW II.  What if the government would have thought it insensitive to depict Nazis as just misguided individuals who didn’t get enough hugs or some ridiculous thing?  What if members of the Nazi Party began to visit the White House as guests while we were fighting them in Europe?  What if they began to appear on the president’s staff?  How about letting them change our training manuals, the ones American troops use for fighting the Nazis?  What if our troops were denied their weapons in the presence of other Nazis, because we wouldn’t want to appear intimidating?  The list goes on.  It’s really quite incriminating.  All you need to do is look at what our president has done with our current enemies and apply it to history.  I wonder, what would have happened?  
Evil is evil.  Our government refuses to identify it.  Apparently we don’t have any enemies because terrorism doesn’t exist.  If we don’t recognize terrorism, the easier it will be for our enemies to make sure Israel doesn’t exist. 
If we, as a nation don’t stop this political correct nonsense and call our enemy our enemy, we will be destroyed.  We will be destroyed from within.  The seeds have not only been planted, they have taken root. 
We have allowed fear of our own government to control our logic and common sense.  Our press is terrified and too weak to report the real news.  Our entertainment industry is falling in lock-step with the president.  Story lines will validate the ruling party and its propaganda. If we really have become a socialist country, the next logical step is communism.
The most evil and ruthless rulers used fear to gain control.  They also knew they had to disarm the people.  The Nazis promised to protect the Jewish population and we know how that ended; that is, if you believe the holocaust took place.  Our president has turned his back on Israel. He’s friendly or non-aggressive with those who question the holocaust as well as those who openly call for the destruction of Israel and the United States.  
“The system of domination is founded on depriving nations of their true identity. It seeks to deprive nations of their culture, identity, self-confidence and in this way dominate them.”
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013
Friend or Foe
By Tammy Derouin
“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”  Declaration of Independence
We are in dire need of new guards for our future security but we don’t need a revolution.  Our Constitution provides us with the answers and the ability to limit the power of our government. The colonist had no choice.  They had to fight for their independence.  Their sacrifice continues to give us our freedom, but only if we protect it.
We are at a crossroads.  If we don’t enforce our Constitution, it will cease to exist.  All those little things like freedom of speech, press, religion, the right to bear arms, to be secure in your home, protected from unreasonable searches and seizures, held without being charged, trial by jury, to not be deprived of liberty without due process, among many others, will be gone.  We have already allowed our government to infringe on the majority of our rights, out of fear.  Our rights are not as secure as many would believe. 
Fear is a powerful weapon.  When a government wants complete control, it will use fear to push the people into submission.  It will tighten its grip until your existence is at the mercy of those in power.  When daily needs and necessities become benefits from the government, the government is all powerful.
Once the colonists declared their independence, they no longer had the resources of the British Empire. But even when they did, they were slaves to the crown.  The elite class was in control.  Privileges and benefits came from the top, down.  The government endowed the people with rights.  What the government gives, the government can and will take away.
“The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.”  Declaration of Independence
Man was not meant to be enslaved.  If slavery is so bad, why are so many Americans chaining themselves to the government?  Why does the government use the weak and the poor as their billboard?   If the government doesn’t have a population that is dependent upon it, the government doesn’t have a way of controlling your life.
The more we feed the government, the more powerful it becomes.  Stop feeding the beast!  The government has convinced so many Americans that they can’t make it without government assistance.  The president has already stated, “You didn’t build that.” 
The progressives have been planting entitlement seeds for over 100 years.  The time-proven adage that you reap what you sow, has been producing feeble crops.  After so many entitlement seeds have taken root, I’m really curious as to who’s going to do the harvesting.  The hands are out but so few are willing to do the work.
“To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.”  Declaration of Independence
Facts were submitted as proof to the world that their declaration was not an impulsive move.  Twenty-seven pieces of evidence were submitted.  I’d be willing to bet there were many more that didn’t make the final cut.  They had to draw a line and determine what was most important to grab the attention of the world.
What does the world see today?  They see the once strongest nation in the world bowing to its enemies. Those that openly want America destroyed are being welcomed into the White House and into the administration.  Long-time allies have been betrayed.  Secret and sensitive information about our once trusted allies has been shared with our once mutual enemies.  Our allies have been subjected to invasion of privacy.   If the American people are no longer trusted, why would the government trust our allies?  Surveillance and wiretapping are among the intrusive types of behavior, by our government.  American citizens and American allies are equally treated as enemies.
What happens when America begins to collapse at the hands of our “new allies” aka, former enemies?  Will our former allies see us as friend or foe? 
What happens when Americans can no longer trust the government?  What happens when the president can look directly at the American people and lie repeatedly on any issue?  What happens when one person or party usurps power illegally?  What will happen if we continue to ignore the betrayal of our government? 
 Seventy percent of Americans don’t know the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  I wonder what will happen. 
“In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms:  Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.”
The Declaration of Independence



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6, 2013
Charlatan in Chief
By Tammy Derouin
While watching the news this past week, certain words kept coming to mind.  Lies and deceit were at the top followed by fraud, swindler and con artist.  The Obama administration didn’t disappoint when more evidence of corruption began to surface.  We were once again dazzled with the usual response of surprise, shock, finger pointing and blaming others.  It’s now seemingly effortless to redirect our attention from the facts.  Simply dangle a sucker in front of our noses.  How many times are we going to take the bait?  
The amount of deceit that has been perpetrated against the American people in the health care act alone should have brought this administration to its knees.  No, a scandal this large should have led to the exit of our Charlatan in Chief followed by most of Congress.  While crimes against our country by those in power continue to increase, the accountability and consequences decrease.
New York Magazine put together a video of President Obama lying to the American people regarding health care.  They captured him stating twenty-three times that those who liked their doctor or their current health care plan could keep it.  Now we are learning the Obama administration knew at least three years ago, that anywhere from 40 to 67 percent of those who have individual health insurance would be dropped.  Their plan wasn’t going to meet the requirements of Obamacare.   
The administration is forcing Americans to make a purchase or suffer the consequences.  Now we are being told that even if we currently have what the government is forcing us to purchase, it doesn’t meet the standards as determined by the government.  The administration is assuring us that replacement plans will offer much better coverage.  Now there’s a pill as large as the actual law.  Government subsidies will be available because the cost of health insurance has sky-rocketed.  Now who said the cost of something would necessarily sky-rocket under his plan?  Oh yeah, Obama said that about the cost of electricity.  Your bills have gone up, right?  Well, he didn’t lie about that one. 
Government subsidies will help individuals pay for the over-priced product they are being forced to purchase.  Here’s the problem, the government gets its money from the tax-paying population.  The tax-paying population is dwindling as more Americans are receiving government assistance.  The more the government takes, the fewer tax-payers there are to pillage.  Eventually, the tax-payers will have nothing more to give.  The government will collapse because the government doesn’t make money, it spends money.
All the underhanded details of how the government is going to control your life are available in the Affordable Health Care Act.  The approximate 2,000 page law that was rushed through Congress, you know, the one we had to pass to see what was in it.  Aren’t new discoveries fun?  Stay tuned, as we will soon discover the law is about control, not your health.
It didn’t take Obama long to blame the insurance companies for dropping millions of Americans.  It was spelled out in his law and he knew it.  In true Obama form, he acts shocked, states he is unaware and then blames someone else. Equally disturbing is his lack of knowledge, or so he would have us believe.  How many times has he said he didn’t know, he was unaware or he found out about it just like everyone else, by watching the news?  The latter only implicates him more because he controls the news.
Why are we so surprised?  We have been lied to by the Obama administration from the beginning.  We accept the lies even when the evidence is right in front of us.  We ignored the truth when we were told exactly what he was going to do, fundamentally transform America.
I did a search using “list of Obama’s lies,” WOW!  It’s overwhelming to see them all listed in black and white.  Truth is stranger than fiction but he’s turning fiction into truth.  Michelle Obama said, “We’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”  A promise you can take to the bank, just do it before it collapses.
The biggest lie of them all was when he said, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” 
When all the lies have become truth and the transformation is complete, whose fault will it be in the end?  It will be ours, for willingly accepting the sucker. 
“The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, selfappointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”
James Madison


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30, 2013
Once Upon A Time
By Tammy Derouin
Happiness isn’t a guarantee, it’s a pursuit.  We once understood that life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness were self-evident truths that were endowed to us by our Creator.  We understood that these were gifts from God, not the government. 
America was the land of the free.  It was a land that provided individuals the freedom to pursue their dreams with minimal government interference.   As time passed, the people unwittingly recreated a monster.  By turning to the government for help instead of taking responsibility, the once minimal monster became an overgrown beast. 
Once upon a time not that long ago, in a land very near, people lived free.  They controlled their future.  Freedom allowed them to succeed as well as fail.  Failure taught the people that they could pick themselves up, brush themselves off and start all over again. Lessons learned could eventually provide the individual with even greater success than what was originally imagined.  But with freedom comes responsibility.
Over time, the people forgot their responsibility.  They grew accustomed to their freedoms and began to take them for granted.  They no longer understood the harsh reality of life beyond the walls of their exceptional kingdom.  They had forgotten the anguish that previous generations suffered under oppressive rule.  Many died to ensure their liberty and many have died since, protecting the kingdom from the beast.  It was all but forgotten.
As each generation grew further from the past, it became easier to befriend the beast.  It appeared to have been tempered and offered so much hope.  Complacency had set in and the people grew indifferent.  The beast watched and waited.  They began to employ others to protect their sacred gift.  It was a costly mistake.  Many regions had been left defenseless.  The beast had infiltrated their kingdom. 
The people had gone so long without checking those they employed; they no longer recognized the beast which was now standing before them. The beast knew if the people were divided, the kingdom could be conquered.  The people turned on each other, blaming everyone but themselves.  The beast craved control and thrived on the discord it created.  They attempted to appease the beast by chipping away at their gift.  The beast was never satisfied and always wanted more. 
The people had long since abandoned their God; the one who had given them their gift of life and liberty so they could pursue their happiness.  They abandoned their basic, fundamental beliefs.  Over time, their foundation began to crumble.  The people, who were once very independent and resourceful, began to turn to their new god, the beast, for answers and assistance. 
The people stopped teaching what made them exceptional among other lands.  The beast had once been conquered, but they no longer cared as to why.  Each generation knew less about their history. The sacrifices made by those before them were no longer understood.  The reasons to be vigilant were no longer being taught. 
The kingdom fell into darkness.  There was much suffering and despair.  The strongest, most prosperous land among nations, collapsed. The kingdom was shattered.   All the citizens’ resources and all the citizens’ good men; couldn’t put America back together again. 
The people finally woke up and realized the beast had never been tamed.  In fact, it was much stronger and more dangerous than prior encounters.  It wasn’t a friend but an enemy that grew from within.  It had disguised itself with charming qualities and colorful myths. But the people discovered that life without liberty doesn’t allow happiness.  Once something so precious is gone, it isn’t easily returned.  It was however, worth retrieving.
A great awakening had occurred.  They realized the beast only wanted their gift and promised them anything to obtain it.  Freedom is a gift, but it’s a fragile gift.  If it isn’t properly cared for, it will self-destruct.  Many sacrifices were made before the beast was eventually conquered and once again banished from their kingdom.
To commemorate such a significant moment, several people gathered to create a document that would protect the people from a single entity with too much power.  They wrote, “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union…”
So as most fairy tales go, evil is overcome by good.  But we aren’t living in a fairy tale.  We are living in reality where at the moment; we are capable of deciding our future.  Will we chose freedom or enslavement?  Will stories one day be told that make our once reality sound like a fairy tale?  
Our flag is falling and our Constitution is being shredded.  Are you willing to stand up to the beast?
“A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”
The Declaration of Independence

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013
And There’s Your Ending
By Tammy Derouin
There’s a saying, if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.  Likewise, if you don’t stand or speak against things you know are wrong, you’ve accepted them through silence. 
Those in power use fear to control.  If you bury your head in the sand, you have a false sense of reality.  Besides, the longer your head is upside down, the more pretty colors you see.  While you’re distracted by the illusions, the government convinces you it will solve all your problems.
When your head is in the sand, you’re also in a very vulnerable position.  You can’t see you are about to be mowed down.  But have no fear, the government is so concerned about your health and well-being, they will even provide you with medicated sugar so you don’t feel or care about the impending collision.  It won’t cost you a thing.  Oops, I don’t want to spoil the ending.   
Thank goodness we have Obamacare to numb the pain.  Anybody who has looked past “free” is well aware of the reality of this government sponsored, catastrophic train wreck.  Get off the sugar America!  The brainwashing has really begun to take root.  They’ve convinced you that Mao can do no wrong, he’s some sort of divine being…  Oh wait, did I say Mao?
Really America, we used to, at the very least, roll our eyes when we learned how leaders of tyrannical governments were held in such high esteem by the people.  We are witnessing the formation of the transformation.  Can you see what’s happening?  “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.  When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  These are the words of Thomas Jefferson.  He could have been talking about our present state of tyranny instead of King George of England.
There are 27 grievances in the Declaration of Independence, signed by 56 patriots, representing our 13 original colonies.  How many grievances do you have?  Read the Declaration of Independence and then read our Constitution and see how you feel.  Try to get an original copy before it’s too late.  Our government is transforming our past, present and future. 
In battle, the flag bearer was the most vulnerable person.  He was an easy target because he was unarmed.  When he went down, another soldier would drop his arms to pick up our flag, knowing full well that he was the next target.  There was never a shortage of those willing to pick up the flag because they believed in God, country and individual freedom.
Not only is our government trying to disarm the citizens, making them easy targets in their own right, but they are making Americans vulnerable for simply believing in America.  The Dictator in Chief is leading his Soldiers of Transformation against the America people.  He has his minions by way of financial backers, progressive foot soldiers in Congress, the media to spin and make him look angelic, the educational system to re-educate the population, the entertainment industry to preach and push his ideals – making the left, right in the minds of all.
We shove overpriced sugar in our mouth to numb the fact that the film, “This is Your New Life,” is no longer a fictional, fantasy/horror flick; it’s reality.   We can’t walk out.  The doors were locked behind us.  We are forced to watch it over and over but we hope maybe, just maybe, it will end differently.  If only we would have paid attention to the credits before we willingly walked through those doors.  Who was behind the funding, the story, and who controlled the outcome?  Good questions!  Too bad those who dared to ask were mocked, ridiculed and belittled.   All we saw was free admission. 
Who’d have guessed, free actually ends freedom?  And there’s your ending.   This time there’s no applause as the curtain descends.  All are silent once again.  We accept the darkness and wait in fear for the next episode to begin.
We were too busy burying our heads to avoid the truth.   We didn’t want to believe that all wasn’t well.  The sunshine on our tail feathers told us we were fine.  Our head was in denial.  We lost the ability to recognize that sunshine and tail feathers aren’t a good combination.  We willingly put ourselves in this position.  Every time we smiled, applauded or said and did nothing, we accepted our fate.
Our flag is falling; will you be willing to pick it up knowing full well that you are now a target of the United States of America, your very own government?  If the sound of that hit a nerve, all is not lost, not yet.  We don’t need a revolution; we need to preserve the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.
“For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Government.”
The Declaration of Independence




Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 16, 2013
Phased Out
By Tammy Derouin
How do we remain free if the population doesn’t understand the importance of our founding documents?  The Bill of Rights exists because of the Constitution.  The Constitution is a result of the Revolutionary War.  The Revolutionary War was necessary because of the Declaration of Independence.  Why did we declare our independence?  If we knew that, we wouldn’t tolerate what’s taking place in our government.    
Our founding documents are being modified with little to no outcry.  That tells me we either don’t know them or we don’t care.  If it’s a matter of not knowing, then it won’t be long before we really begin to care.  If we don’t care, it won’t be long until we really begin to wish we knew and understood them.
We’ve allowed too many mistakes to slip by without question.  It’s become dangerous to question those in power.  That used to be the American way.  If we understood American History, we would know that the government works for us.  But we’ve become afraid of our own government.  This administration is well versed in the Saul Alinsky tactic.  They ridicule, mock and belittle those who challenge them.
If rewording or misrepresenting our founding documents truly were mistakes, there would be apologies and even some embarrassment.  Neither one has taken place.  The American people are afraid to challenge authority, the very foundation of our free, exceptional existence.  Fewer and fewer people understand our history.  Without understanding our history, how can the meaning of our independence, followed by freedom, be fully understood?
After all these years, it’s plain to see Obama isn’t making mistakes.  He’s clearly going forward with an agenda.  The symbols and the way he uses words are well thought out.  He has told us his intentions.  We have been too blind and too naive to see him for his true identity out of fear of retribution.
We no longer have and we’ve willingly accepted that a free press no longer exists.  Our information has been greatly suppressed. The evidence is in the harassment of those who dare to tell the truth.  We are heading towards a one source news outlet, something like China, Russia and North Korea.  We can however, take comfort in the fact that we willingly voted in our transformation.  Remember, Hitler was elected to power by the people.
We have willingly given up so many of our rights out of fear.  Who do we fear more these days?  We fear our own government.  Why else would we allow our president to arm our enemies while he disarms the American people?  By rewording the Bill of Rights, it’s easy to convince an uninformed population that the government holds all the power.
The government run educational system is breaking away from teaching our children cursive.  Under this administration, the “loopy” version is being phased out.  It’s become too difficult.  Let me see if I understand.  Learning a foreign language is encouraged but learning to read and write English in our traditional writing form is too difficult?  Red flags anyone, anyone at all?
We communicate almost entirely in print.  If that’s all we see and know, it’s easy to make a mistake or mislead those who only know the print version.  Let’s take this a generation or so down the road.  If we stop teaching our history and why our founding was so important, we lose our foundation.  If we stop teaching cursive, eventually we will lose the ability to read our founding documents.  If you can’t read or write, you are enslaved. 
If you don’t know history, you don’t know that governments and societies withhold education from their slaves.  Reading, writing and education in general leads people out of slavery. 
Our government is enslaving us.  The educational system is a joke.  Check out Common Core for yourself.  Your school district will try to convince you it’s great.  They may even try to tell you they’ve put too much money into it to scrap it now.  Only the government can get away with such a worthless excuse.  You’ll love how they are data mining our children and keeping parents out of the curriculum.  The State owns your children.  Parents are being phased out.
The federal government strong armed each state to implement a destructive curriculum. If it’s so great, why do they hide the horrifying details?  If union members, who supported Obama, are willing to strike over Obamacare, wait until more details emerge on Common Core.  
Our future, our very existence is at stake.  Will we be the generation that let it all slip away?  The last beacon of hope has almost been extinguished.  American refugees have no place to turn.
“…when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”
Samuel Adams



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9, 2013
Too Much Sugar
By Tammy Derouin
Decisions have consequences.   I’m finding more and more people are making decisions armed with blinders instead of facts.  Blinders will keep a horse focused, especially when going through difficult and dangerous terrain.  When people wear blinders, they’re asking to be lead.  They’ve given up control, trusting someone else to make decisions for them. 
Blinders keep our eyes down.  Sugar cubes keep us from wanting to look up.  We no longer desire the truth.  The climate and terrain has changed.  Our control is gone.  We’re too addicted to the sugar cubes and too weak to confront our handlers.  Those in power have shifted from nudging us down a path, to shoving us off a cliff.  The sweetness of the sugar and the pretty path they painted, disappear immediately upon impact. 
After such an impact, isn’t it good to know the progressives have your back?  It’s in pieces but they have it.  They have it because they own you.  They own you because you gave up control of your life.  You handed the reins to the Utopian pushers.  They got you hooked on the high that the government was responsible for you.  All it cost them was some worthless trinkets.  It cost you your life, your liberty and how you determine to pursue your happiness.
Welcome to the Fundamental Transformation of America!  The welcome manual hasn’t been printed just yet.  Actually, there’s no plan to print one because rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.  You however, are expected to know when, where, how and why.  Although the “why” is because they said so.  Don’t even think about asking questions.  As long as you are living in their country, you will live by their rules.  Freedom is for those who can keep it, not give it up for a little safety and security.
Our current manual is battered, bruised and almost obsolete.  It’s only hanging on because we haven’t completely closed our eyes. Some are beginning to realize the sugar isn’t all that sweet.  The lies have turned clarity into hazardous, murky waters.
Our Constitution empowers the people through freedom.  The people limit the government which is what made us an exceptional nation.  What happens when the people don’t know the original version of the Constitution?  What happens when mistakes are made verbally or in text books?  
Unfortunately, there are examples.  Text books have been discovered with inaccurate information regarding the Bill of Rights.  One was discovered in Denton, Texas.  The Second Amendment, according to the text book states, “The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”  The Constitution states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  There’s a pretty big difference between the two.  When you are wearing blinders the government is able to nudge and shove you in the direction it wants you to go.
A text book in South Carolina combined the Second and Third Amendment stating that it, “-grant citizens the right to bear arms as members of a militia of citizen-soldiers and prevent the government from housing troops in private homes in peacetime.”  The Second Amendment is still gravely inaccurate.  The Third Amendment does indeed protect against the quartering of soldiers.  By linking them together it implies they are connected.  These weren’t the only amendments that were modified. 
Nancy Pelosi is following in the footsteps of her boss by amending founding documents.  In a statement regarding the government shut-down, she referred to the Affordable Health Care Act as a dream come true.  “…that they can fully realize the promise of our founders of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, healthier life, liberty to pursue their happiness.”  Wow!  She added and reworded part of The Declaration of Independence!   Health care is not a right.
It seems like there’s an agenda here.  What would be the reason to re-write or misrepresent the Bill of Rights?  How did a butchered version of the Bill of Rights make it to print without any questions?  If questions were raised, why did it go to print?  How did Obama and Pelosi get away with amending our founding documents?
If we don’t know our history or understand the document that guarantees our freedoms, we will fall for every lie thrown at us.  Our history is being re-written. They wish to bend and mold us to their desired idealistic dream.  We are too blind to see and have too much sugar in our mouth to speak.
“Almost all the world’s constitutions are documents in which governments tell the people what their privileges are.  Our Constitution is a document in which ‘We the people’ tell the government what it is allowed to do.  ‘We the People’ are free."
Ronald Reagan