We The People

We The People

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lame Duck

By Tammy Derouin

The year 2017 couldn't get here fast enough.  As 2016 was coming to a much needed end, Americans were getting yet another look at the destructive objectives of the Obama administration.  With only a few weeks left to do damage, we are witnessing an epic round of transparency.  It is perhaps one of the clearest pictures we’ve seen as there are no attempts to explain the actions or make up fictional meanings and stories.  The mask is completely off as Obama no longer has to hide his true intentions.  With no more voters to con, the wolf in sheep's clothing has shed his disguise. Obama’s suicidal laced agenda for America and our ally, Israel, has been made transparently clear.

Transparency or truth was never part of the game plan.  The administration and the power hungry Left understand that keeping people in the dark gives them power and control.  The truth has always been out there, it just takes effort and the desire to find it.  It was a choice each individual had to make.  Do you dig a little deeper and see reality or do you close your eyes, plug your ears and dream of rainbows and silly unicorns?  The unfortunate downside to the latter is that once people deny the truth for a long period of time, it has a way of blindsiding them.  If the truth has always been withheld or refused, well, that's when cry-ins, play-dough and coloring books come into play.  

During the final days of the Obama administration, there will be many attempts to sabotage the American people, our traditional allies and President-elect Donald Trump.  The Leftist playbook does not include a chapter on how to exit the stage gracefully after a defeat.  Anger will therefore be unleashed.  There will be many attempts to force as much of their unfinished agenda upon us.  The determination of the angry lame duck as he attempts to wield his iron wing is cause for concern.  However, a lame duck is a lame duck and he can only go so far.  Eventually, even the duck realizes the gravy; I mean the gravity of his impending situation.  He can either get while the getting is good or he can swim in the inevitable gravy.  

The ruling party assumed that they had the win in their back pocket.  They thought they had it all figured out, but they underestimated the intelligence of the average American legal voter.  You can only tell and get caught telling so many lies.  The American people had had enough of their deception, their criminal and turncoat behavior. We took a stand and rejected the policies and the agenda of the Left.

Their arrogance knows no bounds.  They were so sure they were in control and that they had duped the American people into supporting them once again.  But this time they were the ones left blindsided.  As it turns out, more and more Americans began to see the truth, the deception of the Democratic Party.  The party cannot accept defeat.  They cannot live with the fact that maybe, just maybe, the American people truly didn't believe their ideals and didn't accepted their agenda.  They have been traumatized by their own game. 

In true Leftist form, they have pulled out the old trusty finger pointing tactic.  First it was the hoopla of recounting votes.  Clinton would surly win in a recounted.  No, that didn't help.  In fact, it only made it more embarrassing for them as Clinton lost more ground.  There was an attempt to intimidate the Electoral College into changing their votes.  That didn't work.  Now they are blaming the Russians! Do you see how insulting this is to our intelligence?  If the American people did not vote the way they thought we should vote, there must be something wrong. It will never be their fault.

The true colors of the Obama administration have come to light, if there was still any doubt.  The administration continues to empower our enemies despite their ongoing chants of “death to America.” Israel has been betrayed.  The American people have been targeted by their own government, deceived and left unprotected as the enemy makes their way into our country.  This administration has turned its back on the American people in favor of our enemies. This is truly the most damaging, destructive, anti-American administration in our history.

A new day is on the horizon.  The dark cloud which has been hovering above the White House and the United States will be coming to an end.  If we are to continue as a free and independent nation, we must adhere to our founding principles, our founding documents.

“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

Thomas Jefferson