We The People

We The People

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fundamental Principles 

By Tammy Derouin

I really hoped that by the time we approached the inauguration things would have calmed down.  But, we are not just dealing with disappointment; we are dealing with pure hate.  I wanted to believe that Americans would come together, much like we did eight years ago when the GOP was dealing with disappointment and the disbelief that Obama had actually won the election.  Maybe, just maybe, an unknown senator, with a lack luster career and very little experience beyond community organizing, would surprise us and do good things for the country. 

The doubts which conservatives had, upon his election, were not due to his skin color, as the Left would like you to believe.  We had doubts based on facts and lack of information.  There were too many unknowns.  The little we knew about his background was cause for concern. But, it was the lack of available information that was extremely unsettling and raised many red flags.  The press was already under the progressive influence as they disregarded unanswered question and did not venture on a quest to find the truth.  Why were so many puzzle pieces missing and not pursued?  Why didn’t they want to present a clear, complete picture to the nation?  Eight devastating years later, we know why.
In the spirit of giving Obama a chance, we accepted the election results.  It was up to him to prove who he was, what he could do and how he would do it.  Remember when he stated that he wanted to fundamentally transform America?  Remember how it was brushed off as political rhetoric and not taken seriously?  Here we are eight years later trying to reclaim some of our fundamental principles. 

It didn’t take long to realize our country was in serious trouble.  Conservative America answered the call by rallying together.  Grass root organizations sprung up throughout the country.  People were getting involved and taking interest in the political process.  Lack of participation or not paying attention to the actions of those we elected proved to have disastrous consequences.  We, as a nation, had made a big mistake.  Obama’s attacks on America and the American people began immediately.  We watched, feeling helpless so many times, as our heritage and our history along with our traditions and values were being changed and destroyed.  Our Constitution was under continuous attack. 

Unfortunately, we were unable to prevent Obama from being a one term president.  There were however, many gains in Congress.  His re-election was cause for much concern.  This devastating blow did not inspire riots, cry-ins, temper tantrums or calls for civil unrest. We accepted the results and worked to save our country from the enemy within.

Conservatives, for their efforts of trying to rein in a runaway administration, would be targeted by their own government.  The Constitution became more of a suggestive guide, mostly to be ignored, by the Obama regime. Obama’s political appointments would follow his lead of disregard and contempt for our laws. Corruption and scandal would plague his administration, despite his claims to the contrary.

The amount of hate being generated by the Left, in combination with their continuous manufacturing of lies, is out of control.  Can you imagine the outcry if the tables were turned?  The Democratic Party has shown their true colors. Apparently, there is no limit, no means which is too outrageous to achieve their desired ends.   They preach tolerance and acceptance but they will only afford you such kindness if you are one of them.  If you dare to be different by having differing opinions and beliefs, they will look down their nose at you, lecture you and call you every name in the progressive handbook as you become a target of their vile hatred. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Left extended the same curtesy to the Right as we gave them eight years ago?  Why don’t we give Mr. Trump a chance?  Maybe, just maybe, someone who is not a career politician could be just what this country needs.  After all, Mr. Trump doesn’t want to transform America into something it wasn’t meant to be, he wants to restore our greatness and polish that which has been tarnished. 

The hatred which is being launched at Mr. Trump and those who support him is not only hypocritical, it is un-American.  Should we be surprised?  We have had eight years of anti-American policies and behavior directed against the American people from the highest offices in our government and throughout the Obama administration. 

The seeds of hate took root and flourished.  Americans turned on Americans because of the fires that were set and the flames that were fanned by our own government.  This will be part of the disgraceful legacy which will eventually be attached to the Obama administration.  The truth can only be suppressed for so long; eventually, it rises.  And when it does, it will set us free.

“Elections have consequences.”

Barack Husain Obama