We The People

We The People

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Freedom and Liberty

By Tammy Derouin

It's a new day. There is optimism that the damage intentionally inflicted upon our country by a traitorous former president and his equally traitorous administration will be reversed, mended and healed. We finally stood up to the evil which had infiltrated our government and kicked it out the door. Four years was too much. Eight years of "hope and change" was paving a way to self-destruction as many Americans began to believe the propaganda being churned out by the Left. But, a second administration of unconscionable corruption and anti-American policies would have truly been suicide.

The flag seems a little brighter and waves a little higher as we begin reversing our course and moving our country back to center. We will attempt to right the wrongs committed against the American people and our homeland. The corrective course will only work if we follow the guide, brilliantly drafted, by our founding fathers.

The U.S. Constitution is a document of liberty and freedom. It was designed to restrain the government as a whole, as well as the individual branches, preventing any one entity from becoming too powerful. It protects the people and the individual states from a federal overreach of power. But, our Constitution is only as strong as the people demand its enforcement.

The dusty old document, as our Constitution was so disrespectfully referred to, only became dusty because we, the people, stopped paying attention. We stopped teaching our history and stopped holding our elected officials accountable. Because of our failure, our Constitution became a target by those we elected. We assumed they would uphold our system of government, but because we stopped learning and teaching, many no longer recognized that the actions of a man and his men were actions against us, the U.S.

Deplorable actions and deeds can be spun into just about anything if you know how to distract and deceive. If you add color and bling and some clever marketing, cow patties can be transformed into something someone will buy. If you really know how to manipulate, you can even create a demand for such a hideous product. Tell the masses what they want to hear and how it will benefit them. Throw in a dash of false wisdom. Claim it's for "their" own good or for "their" safety. More will buy into the heavily redesigned but still, non the less, cow patties. Eventually, the deceit washes away revealing the true, horrible reality. Distract and deceive; the people cheered and begged for more.

Thankfully, more Americans woke up to the fact that our freedoms and liberties were quickly being transformed into enslavement and dependence. The anti-American forces were in full swing. Americans were turning on themselves, each other, and their God-given rights. The attempted fundamental transformation was dressed up in pretty packages of false rights, false claims of protection and the false concept that the government actually knows best and should control every aspect of your life.

Our rights are clearly stated in the Bill of Rights. The government should not be in the business supplying anyone with a phone, a home, healthcare, education or anything else which transforms us from a free society into an enslaved society. Our Constitution clearly states the responsibilities of each branch of government and the responsibility of the federal government as a whole. When we allow an overreach of power, we endanger our future; our existence.

As we move our country out of darkness, I hope we, as a nation, will once again teach our history. We are the greatest nation in the world and we are exceptional because we are free. It is so much easier to manipulate people if they do not know the truth. Slave owners did not educate slaves because they knew knowledge would set them free. By not educating our children about the blessings of liberty, we are enslaving our posterity and allowing our God-given rights to be fundamentally transformed.

Restoring our land of liberty, a free market society and a much smaller government will benefit all Americans. It will be difficult because so many will cry that government is out to hurt them. However, free stuff is the bait for future enslavement. It will be a new concept to many, especially the young who have only known how to hold out their hands. Independence does not shackled you to the government.

I suspect that one day, the tears they are crying now will become tears of joy when history reveals just how close we came to collapse. They will eventually see that the very people they thought were helping them were actually hurting them. They were the tools and causes that were needed to elevate the Left to power. Eventually, they too would have been discarded.

We are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving back to you, the people.”

President Donald Trump