We The People

We The People

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 11, 2017

Narcissistic Ring Master

By Tammy Derouin

The U-Haul trucks cannot pull up to the White House soon enough!  The Liberal circus continues.  As we enter these final couple of weeks of the most anti-American administration in our history, activity under the big top goes into high gear.  It really shouldn’t be a surprise.  Anybody who thought Mr. Obama was going to leave peacefully or quietly, has not been paying attention to the last eight years.

You can almost hear the propaganda puppets doing their final, farewell biding for their master….Step right up!  Come one, come all!  Get your ticket to see the final act before the curtain falls.  This is your last chance to see the Master of Illusion, err…. Master of Delusion, err a… Just come and watch as the Ring Master juggles his final acts!  
The first ring is the Ring of Desperation.  There will be endless ploys to keep you entranced in a world of make-believe. The second ring is the Ring of Deceit.  As a master of illusion, he keeps his faithful audience in a perpetual state of delusion.  The magical trickery keeps his audience in the dark as he is ever so careful to never reveal his true, secretive intentions.  And last, but far from least, it wouldn’t be a Leftist Circus without the Ring of Blame.  Please check the disclaimer at the bottom of your ticket.  Should you, for any reason, not be satisfied, if you are left feeling empty, broke, used, ignored or just highly frustrated and unhappy in general with this show of shows, it is not the fault of the Narcissistic Ring Master or his rage-tag team of self-serving cohorts.   No, no matter how bad it gets, even with their fingerprints all over the evidence, it will never, ever be their fault.

The smoke and mirror acts, which the Left is so famously known for utilizing, have been enlisted, per usual, to distract your attention away from reality.  The sins of the Left, against the American people, are numerous and have been outlined many times over throughout the course of these past eight years.  They have become so good at selling their poison that you are viewed as some kind of bottom-dwelling, backward thinking, what’s the word I’m looking for….deplorable.  Yeah, that’s it, a deplorable individual with no hope of redemption if you do not accept their venom with a smile.

The Left has perfected the old adage, my way or the highway.  They do not want a population of free thinking individuals.  They do not want people to make their own decisions.  That would be disastrous, for them.  They need to create a state of dependency because it guarantees them future employment.  That works in a dictatorship.  The United States is not a dictatorship nor is it a true democracy.  We are a Republic!  If this is new news to anyone, you need to go back and take some good old American Civic classes. 

The state of hypocrisy, among the Left, is however, alive and doing all too well.   I found it rather interesting that the world of make-believe and reality came together this past Friday afternoon.  The puppet shows were doing their predictable thing, eating up the Intel report which claimed Putin was involved in influencing our election.  Tell me, how is this any different than Obama using American tax-payer dollars to influence the Israeli election by trying to oust Benjamin Netanyahu?  Every government has a preference of whom they would like to see representing a country of interest. We would be fools to think that our enemies wouldn’t try to influence our elections as well.  Influence is one thing, changing the ballot is completely different.  Unless Russia or Putin himself was able to change a ballot or strong arm members of the Electoral College to vote against their commitments; it’s time to accept the true reality. 

While this was breaking news on many inferior news channels, a much more important event was taking place; the Electoral College vote was accepted by Congress, but not without frivolous attempts to challenge the final vote.  However, in the end, the true reality was confirmed; Mr. Donald Trump will be our next president. 

The United States is a Republic.  The population gets a vote but it is the Electoral College that elects the president.  The creation of the Electoral College was an act of brilliance by our founding fathers.  Do you want the state of California running your life?  How does the sunny and warm Golden State retain so many snowflakes?

“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone.  The people themselves are its only safe depositories.”

Thomas Jefferson