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We The People

Friday, June 2, 2017

No, Trump Didn't Cause Obamacare to Fail - Stephen Moore

No, Trump Didn't Cause Obamacare to Fail - Stephen Moore:

Image result for Obamacare Train Wreck"Now let's get serious. Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas is leaving the market because they lost tens of millions of dollars two and three years ago -- long before anyone even imagined Trump running for president. The Wall Street Journal, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute and others predicted this exact collapse from the day the bill was enacted seven years ago. Trump isn't the one who caused the recent nationwide 25 percent increase in premiums.

It is true that many of the insurers say one reason they are leaving the exchanges is because of "uncertainty" about what will happen with the insurance market next year. But Hillary Clinton would have been facing the same crisis."