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We The People

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017

Years of Deceit

By Tammy Derouin

From the time we are small children we are told and instructed on the importance of telling the truth. Early childhood lessons instill the importance of honesty. If you are wronged by a fellow playmate or classmate, you feel that everything will be cleared up once the truth is known. When lies are told to cover up wrongdoings and prevent punishment, the situation only gets worse. It's bad enough when you are wronged but what if, during the inevitable questioning, the one who wronged you, flat out lies? The perpetrator of this wrongdoing, in an attempt to save his own skin, decides to rewrite the story, blames you, destroyed evidence and may have even added a few colorful, albeit fictitious details and then to make it even more interesting, tries to get others to turn against you.

Image result for Flicker Commons Images Scales of Justice with FlagsThat jaw that just hit the floor, while in the principal's office, will eventually toughen up. Sadly, this will not be the last time that you will witness the truth being twisted, turned and then repackaged to benefit someone else. Having been wronged, how do you react? Do you retaliate and try to get even or do you learn from this experience and return to fight another day?

These early life lessons, and how we handle them, set the course our life will take and will determine our individual characteristics. Will others want to gravitate towards you or will they seek to distance themselves from you? Honesty and living by the Golden Rule are good ideals to follow but it doesn't mean that life will be easy. Unfortunately, we soon learn that many people in this world find it easier and more rewarding to lie and deceive others for their own personal or agenda-driven gain.

The gains and consequences from our actions when we are younger seem minor in comparison to the adult version of life. But, they are the lessons which form and shape us into unique individuals. Life is an endless learning experience so it continues to shape us by how we react and confront those who seek to cause harm and wish to destroy us.

The truth doesn't always come to light when we want it to and justice isn't always served in a timely manner. It takes time to unravel years of deceit. We know the truth is out there, we've watched in shock as it was either denied or reconfigured. We've watched as individuals in our government have walked away from all sorts of damaging scandals.

We are beyond a few shovel ready jobs to unearth the truth, we need an excavation crew to break the ground wide open. A crew consisting of detailed oriented individuals will need to carefully sift through every layer. As they do, they will reveal every scandal which has taken place over the past eight years. It's up to us what we do with this information. Our country and the American people had been a target of their very own government. The long term effects of this targeting are yet to be determined. We are just beginning to see the damage caused by lies and deceit.

This past week alone has produced some very eye-opening information. The Obama administration pointed a lot of fingers but now, some of those fingers are being turned right back on them. An administration which used its power to unlawfully target the American people, used its shadowy influence and its left-over tentacles within the government to target the current president. President Trump has been vindicated.

The truth eventually rises to the top despite the efforts of so many to conceal it. There will be many more jaw-dropping revelations ahead of us. We know the scandals exist but to what extent may surprise even those who have been following all along. Fast and Furious is once again making headlines. There were far too many red flags including a contempt charge against former Attorney General Eric Holder which just seemed to be swept under the rug. Hopefully, it will now be examined a lot closer.

What could possibly be the motive behind a former president and his administration to deceive and target the American people? What could be the motive behind Obama and his administration to keep our borders unprotected and why do the left-over tentacles in government wish to block basic vetting procedures of those who wish to enter our country? As the layers are peeled away, the eye-opening truth will be revealed.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only on bad one to lose it.”

Benjamin Franklin