We The People

We The People

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rewind Button

By Tammy Derouin

Struggles, challenges and disappointments are part of life. If you knew what was coming, would you even get out of bed? Knowing the future would probably keep everyone in the nursery with their eyes closed, sucking their thumbs while waiting to be cuddled.  In today's oversensitive world, sheltering individuals from reality or allowing them to give up because it's difficult or stressful, is turning the younger generations into state approved weaklings. Our schools, universities and cuddling “experts” are an extension of the preschool nursery.  

Image result for rewind buttonSo called experts will come right out and tell you they know what is best.  Just because they've rearranged some letters in the alphabet (and if you're a Kenny Chesney fan, you know where I'm headed) and stuck them behind their name, doesn't mean they have god-like powers. Although, if they can convince you that they are superior, the power shifts in their favor. Fancy talk doesn't impress me. Gathering facts and seeking the truth is impressive. Verbal attacks only hurt if you allow them to hurt and opinions are like bellybuttons. Yeah, I said bellybuttons, everybody has one.  

Inevitably, during difficult times, the thought of an alternate reality will enter your mind.  What would life have been like if different decisions would have been made? That is truly a subjective thought because you create an experience in your mind based on feelings and opinions, not facts.  The path not taken would have had its own challenges, heartaches and disappointments. The outcome will never be known. However, I see nothing wrong with a temporary "what if" vacation in the mind when dealing with the difficulties of reality. Where's the rewind button when you need it?

Facts are facts. Liberals and biased individuals have a difficult time with facts. If they fit their agenda, they are law.  If they don't fit their agenda they become fluid and even arbitrary.  Double standards become a weapon of choice. What is right for them isn't right for you, especially if you oppose them. Try to argue a fact which doesn't support a liberal stand point. A lot of re-configuring and double talk takes place.  

What is really interesting is when know-it-all, narcissistic individuals, with way too high of an opinion of themselves are exposed.  How do facts become subjective? Seriously, a fact is a fact. Claiming that a fact is subjective, discredits an individual and any alphabet soup behind their name. Any credibility which they may have had, is gone. Just to make sure I wasn't going crazy, which is something know-it-all's and narcissists like to make you think, I looked up the words fact and subjective.  No, the definitions had not changed for either word. But, I'm sure they're working on it. 

In a never ending effort to mold, transform and beat information into a desired truth, the possibility of a new word, subjectifact, came to mind. Subjectifact; the process of convincing people that facts are simply feelings and opinions if the facts do not support the desired goal and vise versa; attempting to twist feelings and opinions into facts to support a desired goal.

Liberals and anyone who wants to dominate others have a superiority complex. It's their way or no way. Not surprisingly, they will twist that around and claim the same thing about you if you disagree with them. Thankfully, I have a lot of experience with know-it-all's, narcissists and individuals with a superiority complex. The truth is, they are the ones who are insecure. They flex deflated muscle and strut around in an attempt to intimidate. But, I'm a conservative, not a snowflake!

The Left, liberals and our newest enemy within our borders, thanks to the last president, ISIS/Islam, takes great strides to scare you into silence. Words and name calling are launched in their first rounds of attack. I watched a video this past week of a father standing up to the San Diego Board of “Re-Education.” He was angry that the school seemed to welcome Islam. He has every right to be upset. Islam is not a religion of peace. Our country was not founded on Islamic principles. There is a jihadist war taking place against the United States. We are fools to pacify them and suicidal to take advice from organizations such as CAIR. As this concerned father left the podium he was called a bigot. Who cares? Good for him for ignoring it. The individual who called him a bigot needs some education in reality.

If we are going to survive as a nation or if we want to survive when individuals attempt to destroy us, we will fail and fall quickly if we let opinions and words hurt us. Words disappear once spoken. Are you an American or a snowflake? Do not let the enemy determine your fate.

Today we did what we had to do. They counted on America to be passive. They counted wrong.”

Ronald Reagan