We The People

We The People

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 17, 2017

Fast Forward

By Tammy Derouin

Our individual history defines us.  Each person has the opportunity to make the best or worst out of their experiences. Benjamin Franklin said, "The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."  Happiness is not a guarantee and it's certainly not the government's responsibility to make you happy.  It's the responsibility of the government to protect the rights, safety and security of the American people.

Image result for flickr commons images Fast Forward ButtonHappiness is defined by each individual.  What makes you happy may not make me happy.  There isn't a secret formula, it's trial and error.  Regardless of what liberals promise, happiness is not government issued. Objects, benefits and made up rights, such as heath care and entitlements, act as the sugar the liberals use to bait and hook. Once the government establishes dependency, they have a controllable, loyal following. If we were to fast forward into the possible future, it would be very bleak.
Government already has too much control.  I read an article this past week where it was implied that it would be so much simpler if they (the government) just told us what to eat.  Do you think it would stop there?  They've already forced mandatory health care on us or suffer a penalty.  What else do you think the government would like to control to make life easier for them? 

Have you noticed that so many people are at their happiest when they are miserable? We all know people that aren't happy unless they are complaining.  This attitude has ballooned into a disease, a national epidemic. The Democratic Party, as well as many liberal organizations, come across as hateful. Violence has grown. Infringing on your rights, if you do not agree with them, is becoming a dangerous reality.

If they aren't yelling and screaming about something, they create a problem. Maybe they do believe in Capitalism and a free market. Quick sidebar.  Let's jump inside the liberal manufacturing plant and take a peek.  They exaggerate a problem or if one doesn't exist, they create one.  A wealthy, private sector liberal, globalist or shadowy figure, comes forward posting job openings for professional protesters. Notice how financial success is not demonized if it involves liberals or liberal organizations.  Jobs are available if you have a desire to agitate and make noise.  Problem solving individuals or those who think independently need not apply.  

They do not see the destruction of their demands at the time, but the fallout eventually catches up for everyone.  Big government is not the answer. The younger generations are dabbling in a dangerous love affair with socialism.  It may sound good on paper but lack of basic education becomes painfully obvious.  Thank the public school system. Socialism is the step before communism.  They do not realize how dangerous it is because they haven't been taught, they haven't seen or they refuse to see the devastation, the death toll, which always takes place.  Socialism and communism fails every single time.  History is so important because if we learn from the past, we won't fall for the sugar in the trap.

Our public schools, a government disaster in education, are also getting involved in a national suicidal mission.  The other group which inflicts misery in the pursuit of their happiness is ISIS/Islam.  They spread hate, encourage violence, believe that death is the answer if you do not submit to their beliefs. If you are a female or a homosexual, your life has no value. Why are we allowing their beliefs into our public schools?  Why are Americans refusing to see the evidence?  History isn't being taught and the press refuses to cover the real news.  To pacify them is to allow them to conquer, one inch at a time. We are fools to think otherwise.  They are laughing at us.  
Intimidation by name calling has become an effective weapon. Americans have allowed fear and intimidation to usurp our common sense.  If they say they are out to destroy us, they are out to destroy us.  Why is that so hard to understand?  Facts are important. History is the best place to start.  How many times do you allow someone to wrong you before you start to see a pattern?  Are you being racists, sexist or any other word that could be thrown at you if you learn from experience and refuse to let it happen again?  Their tactics for conquering nations are not a secret, we've just buried them.  Why?

The United States spent eight years pacifying tyranny and weakening our own defenses. That should tell a nightmarish story.  History knows the outcome.

If we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.”

Thomas Jefferson