We The People

We The People

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


By Tammy Derouin

When law abiding citizens are demonized for clinging to their gun rights, red flags should be flying everywhere. Why would one segment of society want to vilify the rights of individuals who want to protect themselves, their family, property and country? Well, right there is the answer. It's the classic battle of good verses evil.

Image result for flickr commons images Buckshot ShellsInformed citizens understand that they have God given rights to protect themselves. Power hungry individuals understand that if the citizens are disarmed, it is much easier to swoop in and gain control with little to no resistance. This is exactly the reason we, who understand the Second Amendment, cling to our rights. We understand that government control is the motive behind disarming the people. We also understand the horrific reality which takes place when only criminals and the government have weapons. They become one in the same. History has recorded the seemingly endless atrocities of what happens when the people are disarmed.

The same individuals who are so eager to remove guns from the population are also part of the nefarious movement to bury the truth and hide any information which may hurt the party agenda. Thomas Jefferson said,“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” An informed, educated population is key to remaining a free and independent nation. Those who want ultimate control, fear those who know their rights. Why have schools stopped teaching cursive and history? It's all about control. If people understand their rights, their rights cannot be removed as easily. By creating dependency on the government, the government enslaves the population. Control is much easier to assume and maintain when the people are dependent on the government.

Teaching slaves to read was illegal. Knowledge is power and if an individual is capable of thinking for himself, he becomes dangerous to oppressive authority. For the enslaved, the plantation became the center of their universe. All information, their reality, was controlled by the master. The master controlled the information, the education or lack thereof, and the reality he wanted to portray. Ultimate control is essential in maintaining ultimate power.

Fear is a powerful weapon. It keeps people in line. Threats of harm against an individual or their loved ones can take the most determined individual and turn him into a slave. The political left has learned well. They have studied the tactics of individuals and organizations which have kept people in line. Their subjects of adoration, be it union thugs or the leaders of Communist/Nazi controlled nations, are ruthless individuals. It never ends well for the people.

The Liberal Left is creating a new kind of slavery; an ideological bondage. They use their influence and power to restrict information or manipulate it to suit their purpose. They are creating a state run media, manipulating the educational system for political gain and attacking and attempting to destroy anyone who doesn't agree with their political agenda. Individuals are being attacked because they do not agree with the Liberal Left. Our rights and individual freedoms are being trampled by political bullies.

The Liberal Left may be anti-gun, in outward appearance, but they are far from anti-ammunition. They know what to use. In today's reality, the MSM is controlled by the Left and therefore so is the thinking of many Americans. They spray the airways with propaganda. Credible news is difficult to find but not impossible. Get off the beaten path; go two-tracking, you'll find it.

Buckshot or slug is something every hunter needs to determine for the hunt. A slug is powerful but one must be very accurate and within a certain range to make the kill. There isn't room for error. Buckshot spreads the shot, the pellets, in a wide direction. Somethings is going to get hit. But, will the hit make the kill or will it just cause damage?

The Liberal Left is launching many buckshot like attacks, hoping something will stick to those they oppose. It really is a sad sight to witness because it looks like they are just closing their eyes and firing rounds, indiscriminately. They are causing a lot of damage, creating a huge mess and Americans as a whole, will suffer in the long run.

Those who were once in power are like wounded animals. Instead of allowing their wounds to heal, they have stewed in their anger. A wounded animal can become very vicious, becoming its own worst enemy. Hopefully, Americans will recognize this dangerous behavior as well, before its too late.

“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.”

James Madison