We The People

We The People

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 7, 2017

Founding Principles

By Tammy Derouin

We are living in an era where acts of hatred and the destruction of lives and property have become the acceptable practice to further a political agenda. Actions which could severely harm our country, if not destroy it, are being praised and encouraged. Why did it become acceptable to disregard the law, drop our defenses and fundamentally transform America? History will eventually trace a path, of so much unrest, to the steps of the Obama administration.

 Obama wanted to fundamentally transform America. He told us his intentions while he was campaigning for his first presidential election. While it was a surprising statement for many, it was mostly disregarded as campaign babble. Others however, cheered. How can anyone cheer someone who clearly states he wants to fundamentally transform America? If you understand our history and our Constitution, as well as the free market and personal responsibility and independence, it is impossible to cheer and applaud someone who wishes to destroy the founding principles which made our country great.

During Obama's years in office, he began to undermine our foundation. He chipped away at our beliefs, our heritage and traditions. Our freedoms, which made us exceptional among nations, became a target. He caused more harm than good. Our nation was turned upside down; that which was once right was now wrong and wrong was now right. The evidence is so transparently clear.

He created racial turmoil; fanning flames, turning the police into the villains and the villains into heroes. He seemed eager to get cozy with our enemies while dismissing our true allies. He targeted law abiding Americans and made excuses for those who unleashed their terror on us. He increased the deficit to an all time high while reducing personal independence by creating a state of dependency with social welfare. He sent money to those who wish to destroy the U.S. and Israel, while decreasing our military. He seemed fine with our enemies being armed but wanted to disarm the American people. He also tried to force his will on our schools, tied the hands of our border patrol, enforced the laws of his choosing, encouraged deceit within his administration which caused many scandals and lied to the American people so many times, and with the greatest of ease, that he has truly made lying an art form. Is it any wonder the Democrats lost the election?

Obama will not accept his party's defeat or the failure of his policies gracefully. He decided to slither a couple miles down the road to set up camp. We really need to pay attention to his actions and those who follow him and do his bidding. Be on the look out for a defeated narcissist. An arrogant individual who refuses to accept reality. A snake in the grass is very sneaky. It slithers quietly, trying to stay out of sight. Eventually, it will try to strike.

What seemed like annoying crying and immature temper tantrums for far too many weeks after the election, has become a dangerous game. Any attempt to undermine the President of the United States through illegal measures, needs to be exposed and those involved held accountable. If there are individuals in government who have more loyalty to the former president, putting his political agenda ahead of the Trump administration and the American people, they should be removed. Unfortunately, we cannot count on the majority of the press to expose the facts.

The true colors of the Left are shinning brightly for all to see. The absolute disrespect which was shown by the Democratic party, during President Trump's joint session speech, speaks volumes. Did they actually think they were going to have an effect on him? What they did however, was disrespect the American people. More and more Americans are beginning to see the ugliness of the Democratic Party. The disrespect they showed to the widow whose husband was killed serving in the military preserving the freedom of all Americans, including those who exercise their right to show such disrespect, is the lowest. They wanted to strike the president but instead, they took a cheap shot at the American people. The actions of the Democratic Party show how little respect they have for our country.

President Trump wants to eliminate waste, encourage economic growth and protect our country from harm. What has he done that is so upsetting? Is it the fact that he is enforcing the law? Think about that one; he is enforcing the law and people are upset.

They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men.”

John Adams