We The People

We The People

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Interesting Hypocrisy

By Tammy Derouin

Laws are based on a moral code. In the United States, our moral code was founded on Judeo/Christian beliefs. Laws establish rules within our society. Consequences are in place to hold those accountable for breaking the law. A certain standard of behavior is expected when living in a civilized society. No one should be above the law.

 We have begun a journey down a very dangerous path. When elected public servants pick and choose which laws they want to enforce, it creates a hostile environment. If laws are only enforced at the whim of an elected official, what's the sense in having them? Special privileges emerge when rules are not enforced equally. Are we going to become a land where man is greater than law? Our Revolutionary War put an end to this kind of tyranny, but if history isn't taught and understood, it will be re-visited.

It is very disturbing to watch laws being disregarded so effortlessly. The benefits and consequences of a law should not depend on which political ideology you embrace. When they are not upheld equally, our society as a whole will eventually suffer the consequences.

Sanctuary cities are a prime example of a blatant disregard for federal law. The individuals who run sanctuary cities should be held accountable. They are not above the law. However, after years of the federal government turning a blind eye to the reckless and careless behavior of these illegal safe havens, it's like trying to enforce house rules on a child which has had free rein for far too many years.

When it comes to arrogance, the Mayor of New York City quickly comes to mind. Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to think he is above the law. In true dictatorial fashion, he wants to decide which laws are worthy of enforcement. This past week Cortney O'Brien wrote an article for Townhall about a press conference held by de Blasio. O'Brien stated, “Mayor Bill de Blasio laid out the city's plans to resist U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in the Trump era.” Don't forget, this is the same mayor that felt illegal aliens, caught driving drunk, should be protected from ICE. Why would he want to give illegals, non-citizens, special privileges?

We already know that President Trump is well within his right to target illegal aliens. Not only is it clearly stated in the INA (Immigration and Nationality Act), but as the Executive, it's his responsibility to uphold and enforce the law. I guess we really shouldn't expect anything different from the Left. After all, for eight years we watched a president ignore laws and procedures if they didn't benefit his agenda. We also watched him target American citizens if they opposed his ideology.

The article went on to outline how schools are being instructed to handle ICE agents, should they enter a school. “ICE agents will not be wandering the halls of a school.” de Blasio stated. Never mind the fact, which he later admitted, ICE has not targeted New York schools or attempted to enter them. But, we also know the Left likes to stir the pot. Instilling fear creates opportunity and the Left doesn't like to let an opportunity go to waste.

de Blasio wants to enforce his laws but he dismisses federal law. de Blasio stated, “They can't blow by our security” and “They have to follow our rules.” Isn't that interesting hypocrisy? The mayor of New York City wants to enforce his security and wants everyone to follow his rules. The President of the United States doesn't want anyone to “blow by” our national security and he wants everyone to follow the rules. Why is it acceptable for the mayor to demand compliance but not the President of the United States?

If immigration laws would have been upheld and followed all along, we wouldn't have such an overwhelming illegal alien problem. If the federal government enforced the law, sanctuary cities would not exist. Why do they exist? They are illegal! Go after the criminals which are operating them and shut them down.

It's plain and simple; President Trump is enforcing the law, the very same law which existed before he took office. The president before him had a flippant attitude toward the law. This gave many non-citizens special privileges. President Trump wants to protect American citizens and our homeland. Former President Obama did everything he could to undermine our system of government and encouraged illegal migration by not enforcing our laws.

Why does the Left attempt to make a villain out of our president for simply upholding and enforcing the law? Why does the Left glorify Obama for ignoring the law?

National defense is one of the cardinal duties of statesmen.”

John Adams