We The People

We The People

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hook, Line and Sinker

By Tammy Derouin

The Progressive Left likes to promote social justice. So what is social justice?  Most definitions are pretty similar.  Words like fair and just are used to map out some sort of directive for individuals within a society.  It doesn’t take long for the word distribution to pop up.  Distribution of not only wealth but privileges and opportunities are thrown in the mix.  Who would determine what is fair or just within the society?  If you dig a little deeper a motive begins to emerge.  Within the mumble jumbo of key words and desirable objectives a conspiracy begins to unfold. 

In order for this Utopian quest to get underway, the population needs to buy into the idea.  That’s not too hard.  Who wouldn’t agree that people should be treated fairly and justly?  Well, there’s the proverbial Hook.

The Left works its magic and begins to vilify anyone or any institution which is opposed to what they, the Left, feels is an absolute right, entitlement or fact.  They will force their will by elevating their chosen causes or groups.  What they interpret as equal treatment under the law becomes special rights for many.  It may even be interpreted as overdue justice.  So, if some individuals now feel they don’t have the rights they once had, it’s okay because they had them for too long.  Many fall for this unequal justice as some sort of payback and jump on the band wagon.   They enjoy riding out the proverbial Line.

Who decides what is fair and just?  Who decides how to distribute wealth, privilege and opportunities?  The answer is very interesting and so very predictable.  Once you’ve accepted the bait, you have been hooked.  For a little while you are clueless as you run the line with your prize.  If you really feel entitled, look up, more bait is dangling, waiting for you to grab hold.  Eventually, you feel the poking and stabbing pain of the hook.  The line comes to an abrupt end and you get the proverbial Sinker.

Once you’ve been had by the hook, line and sinker of social justice, the freedom and rights that you thought you had are gone.  You will learn very quickly who decides your fate and who makes the rules. What is fair and just are now determined by the government.  It’s all part of the big picture.  Ignorance is very beneficial to the ruling party.  It helps them establish the power they need for total control.

Our system of government ensures an individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Constitution spells out those rights even further by stating what the government cannot do to infringe upon your rights, while pursuing your happiness.

Happiness is not a guarantee.  The government cannot produce happiness.  If we enforced the restrictions on the government as outlined in the Constitution, there could, however, be a lot more happiness among the citizens.  Lack of government interference in our individual lives is what the founders established.

Social justice is a concept used to gain control.  It advertises equal distribution of wealth, among many other benefits, to slowly strip you of your rights. It encourages dependency by instilling, subtle hints at first, that you are not capable of making it on your own.  You cannot possibly know what is best for you.  By giving up a little control here and a right or two there, we are giving the government control of our lives. 

What about equal justice under the law?  That is a noble concept and one that as Americans, we should continue to demand. Without equal justice, we are at the mercy of the powerful, also known as the government. There shouldn’t be different standards for different individuals.  The government should not be allowed to protect its own.  They should be held to the same accountability as everyone else.

It is becoming more and more transparently clear that if you want to live without rules or laws, you become a Democrat.  They have become almost untouchable as they ride out their scandals high above the law.  Is there an agency, a division of the government that hasn’t bowed to the current administration or the woman who wishes to become the first American Queen?

Social justice and unequal justice are prized by the progressive Left.  It would give them unlimited control.  It would also give them the three word answer they so desperately desire, because I can.  Talk about an entitlement.   The Democratic Party would cease to exist if more Americans opened their eyes to the truth.  The more we allow them to get away with criminal behavior, the more control they will eventually have over us. 

“When more Americans prefer freebies to freedom, these great United States will become a fertile ground for tyranny.”

Allen West