We The People

We The People

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton, president for sale - Washington Times

Hillary Clinton, president for sale - Washington Times:

"It’s coming clear now why Hillary Clinton wanted her own email server, free from oversight by anyone, and why she resisted so ferociously enabling anyone from getting even a hint to what she was hiding. Her presidency, if there is one, has been sold, and a new batch of emails pried out of the government by Judicial Watch reveals the going rate for Hillary.

The Kingdom of Bahrain got a secretary of State for something less than $100,000, though the Bahrain Petroleum Co., which is not separate because in these nationettes where nothing ever is, kicked in an additional “$25,000 to $50,000.” What they got was a returned telephone call. Whatever else she is, Hillary is not a cheap date.

The email exchanges in the 725 pages of the new State Department documents obtained through court proceedings tell how Huma Abedin, Hillary’s top aide and “body woman,” escorted influential donors, most of them oil-rich Muslims, through the maze of the Clinton Foundation to get to the secretary of State and the U.S. Government. It was pay to play. No pay, no play."