We The People

We The People

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gender Deniers

By Tammy Derouin

I have been inundated with a couple subjects this past week. One involves defining the sexes, but not whether they are male or female. No, that's already been determined. You are what you are when you are born. Science can even back this up. But, like most on the left side of the political scale, science is only worth claiming if it backs an agenda.

The chromosome is a scientific fact yet many are opting to believe that gender is fluid and can be exchanged at a later date. Have we entered the age of gender deniers? Gender is not exchangeable. It's not a choice, it's predetermined. You can try to hide it, deny it or even rearrange it, but you cannot change the facts.

 Science solves mysteries. It will tell you how or why things are the way they are or why something works or doesn't work. There are also theories. Not everything in life has an explanation. Man gets into trouble when science is twisted and reshaped; falsified in an effort to promote a political agenda. Much like changing historical facts to promote an ideology, it can be devastating.

The thing about facts is that they are stubborn little pieces of reality. They reveal the truth. An individual who chose to deny their true gender in life, cannot change their chromosome. If unearthed hundreds of years down the road, science would be able to determine their true sex, despite what remnants of clothing or other items which would indicate otherwise.

Picking and choosing which facts are acceptable causes problems, much like picking and choosing which laws are worthy of upholding. If science is so indisputable for pushing an agenda like climate change, why do so many have an issue with the scientific facts of our biology? A male is a male and a female is a female. The political Left likes to push science to back just about any argument if it allows them to have more control and regulations. Meanwhile, those polar icecaps are still intact. Weren't they supposed to be gone by now?

I got sidetracked. This wasn't supposed to be about gender switching. This was supposed to be about gender expectations and the foolishness which is rising among so called feminists.

Our society has become weak because we have over protected our posterity. Rough and tumble play has been pretty much outlawed. There's been way too much hand holding and not enough...pick yourself up and go back to playing. Kids can't even pretend to be guardians, the defenders against evil because a stick or a finger gun will somehow have a physiological impact on the kids. Maybe we should remember that most who are prepared to attack us will be heavily armed.

Generations before us allowed play and they turned out just fine. We somehow entered an over sensitive world, ending what used to be normal play. The kids of today are spending more time playing inside, on computer games, rather than outside challenging themselves. Interestingly, they are using guns in these games. They see images much worse on the screen than they would in the back yard running after the chosen “bad guy” and falling down, skinning their knee.

Today's kids are building muscles in their thumbs and index fingers. Electronics have replaced the traditional games and so called rites of passage. Determining success by accomplishing something is now based on a fictitious score rather than going the distance or climbing to that higher limb or whatever goal was set by the neighborhood kids.

When images and symbols can cause near fainting or the outcome of an election can causes the younger generation to revert to preschool soothing exercises, we are in real trouble. This is true for both genders. However, there seems to be a movement on the rise to emasculate men. Boys aren't being encouraged to be boys, which is changing the definition of men. A guy can be strong mentally and physically without being an aggressor. Our over protective society has removed the play which once led to normal challenges. Playground antics or being physically challenged outside of gym class are all but gone, unless you participate in a sport.

Feminism is on the wrong path. Instead of building up and supporting the rights of their fellow females to determine their own path, they have become hostile towards their own sex. If a woman does not fall in lock step with what the movement determines is right, they attack their own. When women, feminist, make claims that American women are oppressed or that Middle Eastern women are better off, a whole new level of foolishness has been created. A little education on the facts will go a long way.

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Mark Twain