We The People

We The People

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Shifting Left

By Tammy Derouin

If nothing else, I guess we've got to hand it to the Left for their endless attempts to keep their causes on the front page, as if they were actually worthy of our attention. But then again, front page attention doesn't take much, having captured the press for their publicity and Hollywood for their song and dance routine, which sadly sells tickets to their shows.

There's a never ending supply of ridiculous tantrums over false stories. Their attempts to create a crisis where clearly none exists, is nothing short of fear mongering to advance their agenda. We have watched this tactic for eight long years. Thankfully, many more people have left the audience and have refused to purchase additional tickets. Eventually, the show will be canceled and not a season too soon.

The shifting Left never ceases to amaze. Their story lines would be quite comical if they kept their tall tales in the land of make believe. You can almost see a fumbling character as he tries to piece together information that doesn't make sense. What was once thought to be true, appears to have completely changed or so we are led to believe. The plot thickens and becomes funnier as the twists and turns become even more unbelievable. It's an endless comedic adventure. Some of the best comedies have their foundation clearly planted in misunderstandings.

Misunderstandings can be hilarious when they are confined within the walls of showbiz. We are intelligent enough to know the truth so we can laugh when something so simple gets twisted and turned into something completely unrecognizable. In the end, when all facts are known and the evidence is undeniable, there's a sigh of relief and even a little embarrassment that something so self-evident was lost to the depths of a runaway imagination.

Unfortunately, in today's reality, the lines between truth and fiction are an ever shifting blur. Our so called entertainment has turned reality into fiction and fiction into reality. We cannot even trust the media to deliver the real news. Unless you are willing to pay very close attention and search beyond the so called facts, you will no longer know when you are being deceived.

The Russians interfered with the election so there should be an investigation. Illegals may have voted for Hillary but an investigation is not necessary. A baby is alive inside the womb so now ultrasound technology is questionable. Climate change is real because the Left understands there would be government control. Any evidence to the contrary must be ignored. Science identifies males and females regardless of outward appearance. What kind of scientific shift do you see happening here? If you deny science, you have become a science heretic. I wonder how the Left will spin it so they are free from such charges?

Many misguided individuals are hanging out at major airports protesting the admission of possible enemies of the United States. Did you ever think American stupidity would reach such an all time high? Trump is at least attempting to protect our borders and is acting within the Constitution.

The press and Hollywood have become partners in crime. The press has proven time and time again that they can not be trusted. They are continuously misrepresenting the facts and intentionally misleading the people. Every story is spun to favor a political agenda. They have become nothing more than the talking heads spreading hate and protecting corruption.

Hollywood has this delusional idea that we care about their politics. Much like politicians, they work for us. Entertainers are paid to sing, dance and talk on command. Somewhere a long the line, they forgot that they are only actors, living in a world of make believe and fulfilling a role to create an illusion. Seriously, they move and speak when they hear the word action; stop and shut up when they hear the word cut.

This past week, I read an article that liberal Hollywood celebrities were threatening an all out strike unless President Trump resigns. This may be too good to be true. If they stick to this threat, like so many of them stick to a bad script, biased, liberal propaganda would come to an end! Does it get any better?

The ability to move on cue does not qualify them to speak for Americans. We refused to listen to them when they tried to tell us how we should vote. If we valued their opinion, Hillary would be in office. Their patronizing efforts to persuade us to vote for an individual who is so corrupt that she is drowning in her own scandals, is proof that Americans are capable of thinking for themselves. We will not be blindly led by tinsel and glitz. Strike, I dare you.

Go ahead. Make my day.”
Clint Eastwood
Sudden Impact