We The People

We The People

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

State of Denial

By Tammy Derouin

We have returned to a nation of laws and have eradicated the nation of men created by the last administration. Of course, after eight years of selective enforcement of the laws, should we be surprised that the Left has their sense of entitlements all tangled up in knots? Obama created a state of denial. He actively denied the truth, justice, and denied the enforcement of the law. Thankfully, Americans realized we needed a law enforcer.

Obama used the Office of President of the United States to advance an anti-American agenda. He enforced laws which would benefit his party and disregarded laws which didn’t appeal to him. He was a law denier. Assaults were launched against individuals or organizations which stood in opposition to his fundamental transformation of America. Mafia-like tactics were enacted in an attempt to mold our country into something it was never meant to be; a state of enslavement. The rule of law is not going to set well with anti-law and anti-order individuals who have been coddled and babied for the past eight years.

Image result for Flicker Commons Images Rope KnotsSadly, Obama was very successful at creating an anti-American following among Americans. So many Americans have been led astray because they allowed themselves to be seduced by the rule of man. Unrealistic promises were made. They created a storyline which attempted to create fictional rights. Believing such fairytales would lead many into a false sense of reality. It would also create a path to enslavement. Rights which are given by man can also be removed by man.

After years of not teaching American history, is it any wonder that we have at least one generation that doesn’t understand that their protests are full of unrealistic claims? They scream fascism but they do not understand the definition. They scream freedom but they deny freedom to those who do not agree with them. They demand “free stuff” but they do not understand that someone has to pay for it; giving it away to non-Americans hurts all Americans. They demand open borders but do not understand the need for security. They scream un-Constitutional but do not understand the Constitution.

If these individuals, and I’m talking about Congressmen as well, were so concerned about the Constitution being enforced, where were they for eight long years during the Obama administration? Where was the press? I find it mind-boggling when I hear individuals state that they know the truth and are informed because they watch the news. When asked where they get their news, well it all makes sense. Main stream media has betrayed the American people. Those who still think they are getting impartial information or the truth because they watch the so called news have been misled. But, you have to want to know the truth and that’s an individual decision. Ignorance is a self-imposed handicap but it’s not a crime.

A couple groups need to take notice very quickly. If you truly value your rights as an American, not special rights but your rights as an American, females and those who are homosexual need to wake up. The party, which many in these two categories support, will eventually discard you because you are being used. Conservatives are called many names out of ignorance. Conservatives oppose actions and laws which are unConstitutional such as Sharia because if it were ever to be enacted in our country, it will destroy you and every American. We oppose open borders but support a legal path to citizenship because we value all Americans and believe in freedom and justice, equally under the law.

There is a false narrative being created and pushed by the Left that conservative Americans are anti-immigration; a false claim. Those who wish to live in the U.S. need to follow the legal path to citizenship. Companies who put illegals before U.S. citizens, should not be surprised when they suffer consequences. When conservatives disagree with a business’s policy, their stock tends to fall. They should be very glad conservatives do not behave like the Left. Violent retaliation or denying others their freedom is not the desire of conservatives. A good business practice would be to hire those who have been properly vetted and have become U.S. citizens. You wouldn't want anyone who desires or conspires to destroy capitalism or the U.S. working for you, would you?

In today’s reality, enforcing the law is a "radical" concept when "selective" or non-enforcement of the law was the general rule under Obama. One day people will fully understand just how much Obama and his administration wanted to destroy our country. The truth is available. Do you want to see it or do you want to continue to live in the state of denial?

“If a nation expects to be ignorant – and free – in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

Thomas Jefferson