We The People

We The People

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nightmarish Expectations

By Tammy Derouin

With his final speech to the United Nations, our resident Destroyer in Chief did not miss yet another opportunity to shame the United States and embarrass the citizens.  I feel he has truly enjoyed undermining our country for these past eight turbulent years. 

The executive used the world stage to promote his propaganda.  It didn’t take long, paragraph number two to be exact, for head scratching, head shaking and a look of disbelief to carry me through thirteen pages of rhetoric.  As expected, he pointed his finger and criticized others as he carries out or seeks to engage in the same tactics.  The visual equivalent of this speech would be a cow pasture. What’s worse is that so many Americans have fallen for the deception; blindly traveling the road of deceit.   

His speech began with fairy tales and ended with nightmarish expectations. When did we return the global economy to economic growth?  Did we take away terrorist safe havens?  Seems to me that there’s an awfully lot of open borders throughout the world.  Maybe he meant transference of terrorist safe havens.  Apparently, we resolved the Iranian nuclear matter by way of diplomacy.  Is that what they’re calling it?  To me it looked like we rolled over and got bulldozed. 

That’s the magical hocus-pocus of the Left.  The standard definition of something can be completely changed to fulfill a need or purpose.  Transparent now means extreme secrecy.  Administration has come to mean thugs.  President now means dictator.  Truth actually means manipulated reality.  Justice now means the party will always be right.   Honesty, well that one just brings on the laughter. 

If there was any doubt about what was meant when the then, hopeful dictator-to-be stated, “Fundamental Transformation of America” it should be extremely clear by now.  It meant to completely destroy the foundation of the United States and rebuild a totally different system of governance.  Our founding principles, our heritage and our traditions have been questioned and manipulated to further an agenda.  Our history, as promised, is changing.  Our country is moving away from our Constitution and too many citizens are applauding the journey. 

In addition to deceit, Obama’s speech had the expected hypocrisy we have come to expect.  He spoke out about “governments muzzling journalists.”  He added a concern of, “censoring the flow of information.”  All the while our media is pushing the agenda of the Left.  Main stream media is now the source for government approved news and information.  If he were truly concerned about the “flow of information” he wouldn’t be attempting to give away the internet to foreign entities.  What will happen to our freedom of speech, our news and information if outside entities take control?  Do you think we will have our freedoms?

Well, this is where the executive goes in for the sucker punch or maybe it’s the death blow.  In complete betrayal to the American people and those who have died to secure and preserve our freedoms and liberty, he states, “But I am convinced that in the long run, giving up some freedom of action – not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests, but binding ourselves to international rules over the long term – enhances our security.”

The President of the United States is suggesting that giving up some of our freedom is beneficial?  If we bind ourselves to international rules, guess what happens to the Constitution?  He took an oath to defend the Constitution and now he’s openly shrugging off our freedoms.
Instead of defending our freedoms he has indicated that they are expendable.

Giving up some of our freedoms prevents us from protecting ourselves.  If we agree to give them up, for some Utopian ideal that the UN can govern the world, we are betraying our heritage and everything that makes America and being an American great.  Those who have died defending our freedom, our country, will have died in vain if we can be so ignorant, so foolish, to what is taking place and so blind to the ultimate goal.   

The freedoms we take for granted are on the chopping block.  Far too many Americans, Americans who don’t understand what they are doing, are holding the ax.  Once we give up our freedoms, they are gone.  Sadly, I’m afraid, too many will not understand the consequences of their actions until it’s too late.  One day they will try to speak or defend themselves and will find that those rights are gone; rights which they gave away.

In our upside down, backwards world, the Left has changed the meaning of freedom to enslavement.  They’ve set the trap.  Enslavement has been baited with pretty colors and false promises.  Free cheese anyone?

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin