We The People

We The People

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 14, 2016

The Extraction Process

By Tammy Derouin

I will be so glad when we can put all of this anti-American and general negativity behind us as a nation.  The apology tour should be coming to an end.  Although, Hollywood and other lime light personalities will probably attempt to keep the propaganda machine churning. I would have never imagined a time in our history where so many could have been swayed by so few, into thinking and believing that the United States of America is not the best country in the world.

The United States suffered a massive internal attack, but we survived.  We have a lot of damage to repair.  Our freedoms and liberties have been under attack for far too many years.  Sadly, the attacks came from inside our very own government.  The American spirit will never die.  The desire to live free and independent with as little government interference as possible will never end.  Evil has been identified and the extraction process has begun. 
There is a tremendous amount of rebuilding and repair ahead of us.  With so much conditioning that the government “must do” for the people, anything which is moved out of the hands of government control and back to the people, will be seen as some sort of attack; an attack on imaginary rights.  Our rights are clearly stated in the U.S. Constitution.  We are blessed to live in a land where restraining the government was so important to the founders that the words “shall not” appear several times in the U.S. Constitution.  

I also look forward to a much more positive atmosphere. I am looking forward to having a president that will not side with criminals or make deals with our enemies, deals which only seem to help the enemy.  We do not need our head cheerleader encouraging unrest among the American people. Divide and conquer is not a tactic which the president should be using against Americans.  Perhaps the Executive missed a briefing; the one where he is supposed to protect and defend the U.S. 

The final days of the dark cloud hovering above the White House are almost behind us. For far too many years we have been encouraged to think that Americans are bad.  There hasn’t been a personal element left unturned.  Gender, race, sex, religion, economic background and political persuasion have all come under attack by the current administration.  Americans were somehow evil, privileged or just plain deplorable if they did not fit into the perfect image of the Progressive Left. Now right there is a history lesson from our not so distant past.  Anything sound vaguely familiar?

I started paying even closer attention to the people I came in contact with while out in public.  By all account, by what I was hearing from the news and Mr. Head Cheerleader, there seemed like there was going to be conflict, especially racial conflict, at every turn. I didn’t see it, not in my little corner of the country and I dare say, most of America didn’t see it either.  Sadly, certain cities throughout the country became a target for the Left.  I’m not denying that some problems do not exist but I think the severity of the problems where blown way out of proportion.  When the government is capable of turning criminals into heroes and our police force into villains, something has gone terribly wrong.

The truth will rise to the top.  History will eventually show just how close we came to going off the cliff.  It will show how the press turned its back on the American people.  They abandoned their station, their real purpose.  The truth was no longer important.  The media became the arm of the government; producing and delivering fake news to protect the very entity they were once known for scrutinizing, investigating and launching attacks against, when it became necessary. 

I remember when fake news was called lies and when there were consequences for those lies.  Now, those who have engaged in the most mass production of lies are calling for control. But, what do they seek to control, their version of truth?  This is very dangerous.  Squelching the truth and fundamentally transforming the truth into something that it’s not, will enslave us all under one all too powerful, dictatorial regime.

What is the truth and who determines truth?  I bet if you were to ask the Progressive Left they would tell you that you couldn’t handle the truth and therefor they will determine what and how much you need to know.  We have witnessed how well lack of reality has been affecting our younger generation.  They are the ones who have been over protected from reality. When reality hits, it hits hard.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

Adolf Hitler