We The People

We The People

Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 30, 2013
What Difference Does It Make?
By Tammy Derouin

Before a Congressional hearing, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked in anger, “What difference at this point does it make?”  Much like the shot at Lexington Concord was the shot heard around the world, “What difference does it make” should be the words of trepidation heard around the world. 
What difference does it make? How long are we going to allow this administration to insult our intelligence?  It makes a difference because without morals, principles and the ethical behavior to back them up, we are lost as a nation.  Is Clinton implying that we the people should accept, without question, anything the government tells us?  The government lied publicly and privately to the family members of those that were killed in Benghazi.  The government lied to the American people and then tried to cover up their actions or lack of action.  It makes a difference because the truth is the last thing this administration wants the people to know.  It matters because there are consequences for the people who elected a dictator. 

In his inaugural speech, the ruler dared to embrace the Constitution.  His overuse of “we the people” was insulting.  He tried to tie together the accomplishments and goals of our founders with the “collective” goals and dreams of today’s progressives.  A charismatic speaker/leader, sure knows how to stir up a crowd.  Who else in history could do the same?  Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Che, and Castro come to mind.

If there is any hope for our country, supporters of this dictatorial administration should have had a wakeup call this past week.  Didn’t they hear the jarring sound of a prison door slamming shut?  The key skipping down the hallway was for dramatic effect.  Is this nation so drunk on entitlements that we can’t see reality through the blur?  The American people witnessed quite the show.  Act one, included Obama’s fictitious respect for the Constitution.  Act two revealed Clinton’s words of indifference and disdain for the American people.  I wonder what will take place in Act Three.  Maybe the press has a copy of the program.  With investigative reporting out, gushing, swooning and coddling are the new prerequisites for the press corp.  Was our media schooled at the University of Mao?  Maybe it was Pravda U. 
Obama also stated that the journey was not complete.  So where do we stand on the path to communism?  We still have a ways before the rulers’ image is embossed on our flag.  Nope, it’s been done.  At least children haven’t been forced to sing songs of praise to an elected leader in their schools.   Nope, it’s been done.  Thankfully the ruler hasn’t been shown or referred to as our savior.  Nope, that’s been done too.  How about the frustration level among the people?  It’s being done.   Maybe we should give up more of our freedoms for the greater good?  It’s being done.  All we need then is a crisis.  It will be done.  What will we have?  We’ll have a dictator, done by design.

Now that the Left has successfully placed a dictator at the helm, rewards are sure to come their way.  Those that support gay rights received support from the ruler. The ruler is buddy- buddy with the Muslim Brotherhood.  He is arming extreme Islamic radicals.  I don’t think it’s a secret what happens to gays in the world of Islam.  It’s the same fate for women who are accused of cheating on their husbands.  Accused of cheating, not proven guilty of cheating. Does the punishment fit the crime?  What difference does it make?  Eventually the “body part” vote will be revealed as anything but liberating.  The hard core environmentalist will also be betrayed.  The earth was only a tool, not a concern.  The ruler seemed harmless in sheep’s clothing.  How’s that wolf outfit looking now?
The dictator in chief has never hidden his agenda.  He played on the hopes and fears of the people of this nation to achieve his goals.  He took advantage of the poor.  By promising them benefit after benefit he effectively told them they weren’t capable of taking care of themselves.  By demonizing the rich he is penalizing them for being successful.  When was the last time you worked for a poor person?  It’s the wealthy individuals or corporations that provide jobs.  They took the risk.  They built it, they own it.  Well, at least for now.  Once the ruler nationalizes all the companies, it won’t matter where you work.  You will be a slave to the state.  That union you gave so much of your money to, well, you can thank it for the equality coming your way.  Yes, everyone will now be equally poor under a dictator.

“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation.”
James Madison



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 23, 2013
Dictator In Chief
By Tammy Derouin
The nation has been focused on King Obama’s latest decree.  Ironically, the Second Amendment is in place for his very actions, tyrannical rule.  He is forcing his will on the people.  He is knowingly destroying our Constitution to further his agenda.  Our spineless Congressional leaders are either part of the Progressive problem or they don’t know how to stop the Dictator in Chief. 
The founders knew that an unarmed population would make it easy for tyranny to once again settle on our shores.  They experienced, first-hand, the madness of a tyrannical ruler.  They believed in individual freedom and small government.  They rose up against the British Empire and won.  It’s because of the courage and sacrifice of the original patriots that we were born into freedom.  It’s because of the courage and sacrifice of every generation since our founding, that we have remained free.  
We have willingly allowed an absolute ruler to enslave our nation.  I get so frustrated when I see an Obama/Biden bumper sticker.  You have brought tyranny to America.  The sad fact is most aren't even aware of it.  They have bought into the lies that Obama and his court have been manufacturing.  A free press no longer exists.  The White Palace Propagandists spin the stories they want you to believe.  Anybody who challenges the king is an extremist or radical.  But in fact, he is the extreme radical.  History shows that The United States use to fight such regimes.  We have willingly become one.  We have allowed our once proud, exceptional standing in the world to be diminished under the first term of one ruler.  Look how much he has destroyed this country in four years.  What will it look like at the end of his legal term?  I don’t put anything past this ruler.  I still shudder when I recall Obama telling President Medvedev, “This is my last election.” 
I’m curious, what kind of weapon did Obama use?  He has shot so many holes through the Constitution.   Has his weapon been banned?  Obama’s weapon of choice is an ink pen.  He also uses fear, propaganda and the American people.  He’s using the emotions of people to get what he wants.  Those that share his agenda cheer him on.   Those who are uninformed cheer him on.  Eventually, Obama will get to a right that affects those that are cheering now.  Owning a gun is legal and a right.  I heard an argument this past week that should make everyone think.  Abortion is legal.  It kills innocent, defenseless babies.  What if the names and addresses of those that have had an abortion were published?  What if Obama made sweeping changes without going through Congress to eliminate the right to an abortion?  How many on the Left would be cheering?  They wouldn’t.  The names and addresses of those that have received an abortion shouldn’t be made public.  Those who are center to Right on the political scale want to follow the law and make changes through proper procedures.  Those that are center to Left politically want to mandate, regulate, intimidate and ultimately force their will regardless of the law of the land. 
Obama’s latest decree upon the land only harms law abiding gun owners.  The criminals will always be able to find a gun.  The elite will always be able to protect themselves.  Obama has been given lifetime secret service protection.  Why?  It must be a new benefit for the office, I mean throne he sits upon.  His children are protected by gun carrying police.  Left Wing film maker Michael Moore hires gun protection then calls all white people who own guns, racists.  Does that include you, Mr. Moore? 
A well-armed, well-informed population is a danger to those who want to control.  We must look beyond what the White Palace is feeding us.  They don’t want Americans to be informed.  We cannot allow our emotions to dictate our actions.  To give up one right opens the path for more concessions.  Obama is power hungry.  I believe he wants chaos.  This is the formula most dictators use.  Once everything is a complete mess, he will swoop in and promise to save the country.  We’ve seen how well he has done already.  We can sit back and watch it happen once again or we can learn from those who have suffered the same fate.  I wonder why history isn’t being taught.
I’m a Constitutionalist.  We may disagree on issues and policy but if we don’t follow the Constitution, The United States of America will no longer exist.
“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
The Constitution, Oath of Office

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16, 2013
Why Was Lincoln Assassinated?
By Tammy Derouin
My daughter Maddie has taken an interest in history.  Maddie is eight years old, in third grade and has developed a love of reading, writing and history.  Does it get any better?  We have had many discussions involving historical events.  I try to keep politics out of our discussions but facts are facts.  I’m not going to lie to her if she has a question.  What’s important is her curiosity has been piqued.  I will never discourage her from asking questions.  If more people asked “Why?” our country wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in.
I explained that history isn’t pretty.  History is death, destruction, control and unbelievable cruelty.  I didn’t tell her to discourage her, on the contrary, it was meant to encourage her.  I want her to ask why.  Why was Lincoln assassinated?   Why was Hitler elected?  Why do the Jews get blamed for everything?  Why does mom hate to handle $20 bills?  Why was I told not to read a history book?  Why was I told not to read the pocket Constitution?  My nemesis the narcissist strikes again.
 History will be a big part of her education.  I have little to no faith in government run, union supported schools.  Their combined agenda has produced a generation of young people that prefer socialism and demand entitlements.  Maddie knows President Lincoln was killed.  I was pleased to hear that she knew the basic facts.  I gave her a book, written for young readers, on the assassination of President Lincoln.  The book resulted in the biggest Christmas thank you hug. 
I will never accept sanitized history.  History, much like politics is a very dirty subject.  To clean it up before we teach it removes history.  Why do those in power want to re-write history and change our traditions?  Why do those in power want to over step their boundaries and eliminate the Constitution?  Why has the American free press turned against the American people?  These are just a few questions that could lead to some major headlines.  The press no longer cares about truth.  They really should be called for what they are, White House Propagandist. 
I found it interesting that my nemesis the narcissist told Maddie not to read the history book on Lincoln.  Why?  Is it due to the violence?  Perhaps reading that a life was taken is too much for a young mind.  Lincoln was shot and killed, that’s a fact.  There is so much more to the story.  Why was Lincoln killed?  History teaches why but it stops teaching when it’s sanitized.  I feel our history is in danger.  Am I supposed to believe that young people can’t handle the fact that Lincoln was shot and killed?  When did reading about historical facts become too much for young minds?   After the kids finish their sanitized version of history, just send them to watch movies, listen to music and play video games.  Good thing there isn't any violence in those entertainment options.
Maybe there’s an agenda.  My nemesis, much like those in power, wants control.  It’s so much easier to control when information is withheld or sanitized.  It’s very dangerous when those in power restrict the truth.  Why does the government want to control the press?  Information is power.  If we only get the information the government wants us to have, we don’t get the truth.  We will be fed information that will benefit their agenda.  We will no longer be exceptional.  We will become like North Korea, China, Russia, and every other country.  Governments fear well informed citizens.   
The reason behind not wanting her to read the pocket Constitution amazed me.  There was a problem with the organization that printed the copy.  Apparently, they have an agenda.  This is one place I will agree, they do have an agenda.  They want to uphold the Constitution.  They feel so strongly about their belief, many copies are given away.  Sometimes those greedy capitalists will charge $1 or $2.  This is classic left-wing thinking.  Mock something without even looking into the facts.   If that doesn’t work, simply make up a lie to grab a headline.  I have yet to see a pocket Constitution or Declaration of Independence made available by left-wing organizations.  I wonder why.  Could it be because it doesn’t fit their agenda?  Americans should have different opinions.  Our rights make us exceptional.  Silencing an opposing opinion is dangerous.  Why does the Left want to restrict our rights?  The proof is right inside one of those pocket Constitutions.  Why would the Left want to educate people?  Ignorance of the Constitution fulfills their agenda.  There is one question I hope I never have to answer, “Why did we lose our freedom?”
“A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved.  It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

Benjamin Franklin

January 9, 2013
Strike Three
By Tammy Derouin
The New Year is off to a dangerous start.  After applying yet another band- aid to the economic crisis, President Obama flew back to Hawaii to resume his $4 million vacation.  Obama put the blame on Congress, big surprise, and then stated he wouldn’t debate the subject with Congress again.  Did I miss the dictatorial inaugural? Nope, that’s still a couple weeks away. 
The fiscal deal does nothing to solve the problem.  In fact, it only makes things worse.  Obama claims that he made the tax system fairer.  Only a flat tax will make the tax system equal and fair.  Obama doesn’t want fair; he wants redistribution of wealth.  The Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington research group, has stated that 77 percent of U.S. households will see higher federal taxes in 2013 under this fiscal deal.  The deal protects most from an income tax increase but the Social Security payroll tax reduction was allowed to expire.  The bill also adds about $600 billion in new tax increases.  Every $41 raised in taxes will only see $1 in cuts.  This will add $4 trillion to the federal deficit.  Well done, Mr. President.  Enjoy your vacation paid for by the taxpayers.  Strike One.
Hollywood was a big winner in the fiscal deal.  Millions in federal subsidies already flow to the city of glitter and lights but even more is on the way.  It’s estimated that it will cost the taxpayers about $150 million per year.  I hope the next time the president says, “Crony capitalism” he’s looking in a mirror.  For every finger you point, how many are pointing back at you?
There is a video circulating involving Hollywood stars pleading for something to be done about gun violence.  There is another video circulating that shows the hypocrisy of these same stars.  Every time one of them makes a plea for something to be done about gun violence, a segment of footage involving a character they portray is shown killing, massacring and in most cases, enjoying it.  The government funnels money to Hollywood.  The money is used to make films and television which usually involves gun violence.  Hollywood tears up and begs the government to step in when a killer behaves as depicted on screen.
It isn’t the gun, it’s our society.  I listened to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (ret) this past week.  He is an expert in his field on guns and violence in society.  He states that people who do such crimes are not shooters, they are killers.  Our society has changed dramatically.  The younger generations have been exposed to violence beginning at a very young age.  Human life is no longer valued.  The more you kill, the more points you receive.  When you have gone as far as you can go, the only way out is to self-destruct.   This is not just an American problem.  This is a problem that is taking place around the world.  Some of the countries that have had similar massacres have very strict gun laws.  Main stream media isn’t providing that information. Michael Moore’s body guard was once arrested for carrying an unlicensed gun.  What Moore says and what he does are two very different things.  Don’t fool yourself, the elite will never play by the same rules. This is a control issue not a gun issue.
Lt. Col. Grossman stated, “5,000 years of recorded history.  500 years of gun powder combat.  150 years of repeating firearms.  Not one single time in the history of the world has a single juvenile ever committed a crime like this in a school and now it’s everywhere.”  What has happened with entertainment over the past 30 years?  He also stated, “The American Psychological Association, American Medical Association, and American Association of Pediatrics told both Houses of Congress, 30 years of a thousand sound studies have proven, media violence causes violence in our society.”  This isn’t a safety issue; this is all about control, gun control.  Strike Two.
The New York Times ran an article by Louis Seidman entitled, “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution.”  Much like President Obama, he is a Progressive, Leftists, and Constitutional scholar.  The Constitution was designed to prevent a dictatorship.  It was designed to keep a check and balance on each branch of government.  Our president isn’t working within the confines of the Constitution.  Congress either doesn’t know how to stop him or they don’t want to stop him.  The Constitution gives the power to the people.  The people have to figure out how to use the tool they were given.  Our government run schools aren’t teaching it.  Done by design, I’m sure.  Those images of the Constitution going up in flames or being run through the shredder are becoming more real.  Are we going to end the game and self-destruct?  Are we going to allow strike three?
“When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.”
Thomas Paine