We The People

We The People

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012
Is It Any Wonder?
By Tammy Derouin
Is it any wonder this country is in the shape that it’s in?  The overwhelming amount of information that comes in daily is unbelievable.  If only the press would report the real news.  Information is vital to our survival and the press continues to bow to its master, aka, the president.  We have the right to a free press.   The government isn’t supposed to control our information.  The founders felt so strongly about free speech, it became our First Amendment.  The government is prohibited from interfering with religion, speech, the press; or the right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government with a grievance.
 Religion, speech, and the right to assemble have taken many direct hits from the government.  The press, with some exceptions, would rather do parlor tricks for a pat on the head.  Have you seen the press conferences Obama holds?  On those very rare occasions he holds one, there a joke.  The press embarrassingly gushes over Obama.  He is treated like a sacred artifact that must be handled with delicacy.  He shouldn’t be having a love affair with the press.  If the press isn’t irritating the president, they aren’t doing their job.
Our rights, our freedoms, are in peril of disappearing forever.  Americans need to revisit a truly sacred artifact, The Constitution.  The government has been encroaching on the rights of the people for a long time.  The socialist movement has been chipping away our rights, every chance they get.  Is it any wonder they have been so successful?  They have concealed their true identity by wrapping themselves up in pretty little packages.  The Progressive Caucus is one such example.  Currently, there are 75 caucus members in Congress.  They use the word “progressive” to make it sound positive.  The progressive movement is a socialist movement.  They believe in big government.  They also believe that the government knows best.   Obamacare is a huge example.  The ability for the individual and their doctor to make the best possible decision will be turned over to a bureaucratic board.  Your medical care will no longer be based on what’s best for you; it will be based on what’s best for the collective.  Nancy Pelosi who left the Progressive Caucus once she was elected House Minority Leader stated, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”  Have we, as American’s lost our minds?  Why do so many Americans buy this pile of poo?  Is the package really that pretty?  It doesn’t change what’s inside.  They insulted our intelligence.  Who in their right mind would gamble everything before the cards have even been dealt or viewed?  When did Americans become so naive? 
I visited the Progressive Caucus website.  Their beliefs and their agenda are destructive to our country.  If they succeed, The Constitution will be history.  Many of their beliefs also tie in with UN Agenda 21.  If you have never heard of Agenda 21, I strongly suggest you go to the UN website.  This agenda will destroy our sovereign rights as a nation.  This “Agenda” is an attempt to achieve total control of everything at the global level.  Your liberty, your rights and freedoms will be gone.  The Progressive Caucus states several items in their agenda that pave the way for UN Agenda 21.  There are 75 members in Congress that are proud members of the Socialist Democrat Party of the United States.  Is it any wonder?
One of the founding members of the Progressive Caucus, Bernie Sanders, has a long political career.  He served as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, served eight terms in the House and is currently serving in the Senate.  A reporter from the Washington Post asked him a very interesting question.  “Are you now or have you ever been a socialist?”  Back when McCarthy asked such a question, it was career ending if you had a hint of “red” in your background, now it’s acceptable.  Sanders answered, “Yeah, I wouldn’t deny it.  Not for one second.  I’m a democratic socialist.” 
Is it any wonder the United States is on a course for disaster?   The president met with members of the Progressive Caucus, union leaders and leaders of progressive organizations to discuss the financial state of this nation.  These are people and organizations that supported his campaign.  Obama met with people that have a destructive agenda for America before he met with congressional leaders.  He chose to meet with a people who share socialist and communist beliefs first.   Is it any wonder?
“We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.”
Nikita Khrushchev

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 21, 2012
History 101
By Tammy Derouin
The day after the election the stock market plummeted.  Many large corporations announced lay-offs in the wake of Obama’s re-election.  Hostess, an American icon, will be closing up shop.  This alone will affect 18,500 jobs.  To see more lay-offs that were announced following Obama’s re-election go to www.dailyjobcuts.com. 
The Benghazi cover-up has only gotten worse.  Obama needed a fall guy and it appears he thought Petraeus would be the guy.  Obama is known for throwing people under the bus.  Let’s hope Petraeus tells the truth and doesn’t throw America under the bus.  The Obama House of Cards will fall.  It may take some time but eventually the truth will come out.  Americans died and our president watched and prevented our military from going to their aid.  It took 14 hours for the U.S. military to arrive.  It took three weeks for the government to conduct an “investigation.” The more time that passes the less Obama feels he will have to explain.  We cannot let this cover-up die.  The president and his corrupt administration must be exposed. 
Within a week of Obama’s re-election, every state in the union had some kind of campaign in the works to secede from the union.  A citizen’s push for Obama’s impeachment is also gearing up. What a way to celebrate re-election and this is just the first week.  Obama inherited quite a mess.  I wonder who he will blame.
Succession isn’t the answer.  It’s a way to blow off steam but we are much stronger as a union than as individual states.  I have to wonder if the sheer number of people that are signing these petitions will bring voter fraud into question.  The Left was planning to scream fraud had Romney won.  The DOJ didn’t want to ensure fair elections.  When Florida attempted to clean up its voter registration records, they were told to stop.  Obama didn’t win any state that had voter I.D. enforcement.  Voting machines were defaulting to Obama.  Yet the Left was setting the stage to claim voter fraud had Obama lost, interesting.
It truly is amazing how the personal side and the national side keep shadowing each other.  So let’s break this down.  What is fraud?  It’s cheating.  Someone or some entity that is so eager to accuse someone of cheating must have some knowledge of the actual act.  They don’t want you to see their guilt, insert smoke and mirrors, so they constantly accuse and point the finger and try to discredit you.  As time goes by, those dirty little secrets eventually find their way to the surface.  Those with honor and integrity will still be standing.  Those who wrongfully accuse others have a way of being exposed.  I’m just saying…
Most people think history is boring.  They haven’t truly studied history.  Apparently America needs the “hands on” excitement for learning.  Exciting doesn’t always mean fun.  A roller coaster can be exciting but not necessarily fun.  At first it may not seem so bad, a few bumps a few jarring motions.  You feel the exhilaration of the slow climb up the track of promises.  Your anticipation grows as you get to the peak.  It is no longer possible to look back.  You begin the downward plunge and then realize the tracks are no longer there.  The ring master sold you magic beans.  You bought into the lies that everything was fine and getting better.  You were so eager to get on the ride of empty promises that you didn’t care what method accomplished the goal.  He used you, promised you the world and then sent you cheering off the cliff.  You can’t blame the ring master, can you?  You jumped in on your own.  Welcome to history 101!  Buckle up America; it’s going to be a very bumpy ride.   Americans didn’t want to take the time to learn from the past so we will repeat it.
Missouri is known as the “Show me” state.  It just became the motto for the United States.  Apparently we don’t believe the stove is hot so we have to find out for ourselves.  We have just asked Obama to “show me” how our economy will collapse.  Show me how government will destroy private industry.  Show me how our enemies will destroy us.  Show me how health care will only get worse.  Show me how well the government is capable of taking care of people.  Show me how a vote for Obama will fundamentally transform America.  Show me how Americans will be affected by surrendering their freedoms.  Show me how Americans will react after it’s too late. 
We have sealed our own fate.  Free stuff is apparently the going rate for freedom. 
“Freedom is lost gradually from an uninterested, uninformed, and uninvolved people…”
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 14, 2012
By Tammy Derouin
America chose servitude over freedom. 
A friend of mine has an “I voted” sticker posted at his desk.  It states, “We The People…” with a Constitutional look about it.  It intrigues and haunts me.  The Constitution is very vulnerable now.  Images of it going up in flames or being run through a shredder come to mind quite often.
The press has done our country a grave disservice.  They have been lying to the American people for years.  At the moment, freedom of speech isn’t a crime.  The original patriots were guilty of treason once they signed The Declaration of Independence.  The only thing we, the ones willing to speak, are guilty of is demanding the truth, justice to be served, and the Constitution to be upheld.
Our enemies are cheering that Obama won.  Isn’t that comforting?  We have empowered someone that supports those who want to destroy us.  The Muslim Brotherhood is happy with our election outcome.  The Communist Party USA has nothing but praise for their accomplishment.  Interestingly, November 7 was the 95th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.   The Bolsheviks were members of the Marxist Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party.   Do you see any similarities?  This was the party and event that brought Communism to Russia.  The party transformed into the Communist Party and the Soviet Union emerged under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin.  Russian emigrants that escaped the communist regime live in fear once again.  They escaped bondage and America just embraced it, hook, line and sickle.  
 Obama told Russian President Medvedev that after the election he would have, “More flexibility.”  Obama made another statement I haven’t been able to let rest.  He said, “This is my last election.”  I personally feel there was much more being transmitted to Putin.  Once a dictator comes to power, he doesn’t leave willingly.  Obama has signed enough executive orders to do just that, all he needs is a crisis.  Once the match is lite everything will fall into place.  Guess who holds the match?
Americans have embraced an administration that has lied, consorted with the enemy by giving them aid and comfort (treason), refuses to protect our borders, has set our economy up for collapse, feels that it’s the government’s responsibility to provide for the people, interfered with private industry, and has now been given control of your very life.  Those who think Obamacare is a lifesaver have a rude awakening coming. 
While the nation watched Hurricane Sandy, Obama signed yet another executive order.  This order created the Homeland Security Partnership Council.  It merges the DHS with local governments and the private sector.  The result of this order gives the Executive Branch complete and unlimited control over the lives of the American people.  The federal government will be able to expand its control at the local level.  Networks of “security partnerships,” will allow direct communication to the federal level.  Obama no longer needs Congress.  He has secured his ability to control through absolute rule, a dictator.  Don’t worry; it’s for your own protection.  Did you hear the cell door slam shut?  You have willingly become a prisoner to your government.  www.whitehouse.gov  Thanks Jerome for the information.
We have turned our back on Israel.  We have empowered someone that will stand with evil and watch the destruction of Israel.  If you have any doubt that he won’t stand by and do nothing, remember Benghazi.  Obama watched Americans die and did nothing.
Five days before the election, Iran fired on a U.S. drone over international waters.  That is an act of war.  We don’t have to go to war but we don’t have to ignore it either.  We are no longer a threat to our enemies.  Where was the press?  Oh yeah, in Obama’s back pocket.
Hours after Obama was re-elected, the United States supported the new U.N. Arms Treaty talks.  America abides by American rule, not global rule.
The person who made the video the Obama Administration blamed for causing the uprising in Benghazi and Egypt was sentenced to a year in jail. Obama targeted an individual for exercising freedom of speech. It kind of sounds like something other countries do, political prisoners.  I guess that’s us now too.
Half of our citizens are either in complete darkness, they don’t care, or they prefer socialism/communism over American principles.  When given a choice, Americans opted for servitude over freedom.  In four short years America went from giving a hand to demanding a hand-out.  Self-reliance is no longer valued.  The more government assistance you receive the more the government owns you.  We will have to live with the consequences of our actions. 
“America was the last hope for freedom and we willingly gave it up.  I was blessed to be born into freedom.  I doubt I will die in freedom.  I will however, die for freedom.”
Tammy Derouin

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 7, 2012
Freedom or Servitude?
By Tammy Derouin
As I write this column there are only a few days before the election.  I ponder the future of America.  Will the people choose freedom or servitude?  Did the people truly have a voice or will the nation be dealing with voter fraud?  No other president in American History would have survived the corruption that has taken place in the Obama administration.  The corruption in the DOJ alone should have sent many packing a long time ago.  The lies and deceit is staggering and that’s before you factor in the Benghazi cover-up.   Will there be peace or chaos?
I hope we decided to opt for freedom over servitude.  I hope the people of this nation will decide that we cannot endorse a president who will blatantly lie to us, about everything.  I hope capitalism and the free market system will win.  Four years ago I would have never thought I’d be wondering if Americans would willingly cheer away their freedoms.  The Left is very good at taking advantage of a crisis.  How will they change the story to fit their agenda?  Will Americans finally see the truth even without the help of the press?
America is not the same country I was blessed to be born in.  Every generation has its struggles and hardships.  Once we work through them we emerged as a stronger nation.  Regardless of our struggles, we have always stayed true to the American way of life.  Are we willing to throw that away?  Or will enough Americans begin to see past the smoke and mirrors?  It’s a horrible discovery when you realize how close America is teetering on the edge of a cliff.  The America I was born into was a world leader.  Americans were proud to be Americans, no apology needed.  Americans wouldn’t even entertain the thought of someone considering socialism or communism.  Today it’s cool.  In today’s world, many young Americans prefer socialism over capitalism.  That’s outrageous to me.  What kind of history, economics and social studies has our government been teaching to brainwash our children?     
I was recently reminded of a time when I had very little personal freedom.  It wasn’t until I was completely out of the situation that I realized how much I had lost.  I was unhappy for a very long time but I was never able to figure out why.  Everything seemed fine on the surface.  I lived a moderately comfortable life.  Everything I needed to exist was available.  The one thing I needed to live, personal freedom, was not.  What I endured to exist was not worth the safety net.
Freedom is a precious gift.  Personal freedom and the freedom of a nation are very similar, especially when one wishes to limit your freedom.  The loss of liberty happens slowly over time.  You probably don’t even know it has happened until it is too late or when you try to do something on your own.  Encroaching on liberty requires fines.  No one will willingly walk into a prison.  Over time, man’s desire to control man, is wrapped up in a nice pretty package.  This is true at the personal and national level.  It is slowly accepted based on very basic principles, safety and security.  Those that wish to limit freedom will use phrases such as, “for your protection” or “for your own good.”  In small doses it seems harmless.  It may even be welcomed.  Nobody wants to be in danger or live in fear. 
Little by little, what once seemed harmless, has fundamentally transformed your life.  Your privacy is gone.  Every move you make is tracked electronically.  Your conversations, mail, purchases and your exact location are being watched.  You are guilty until proven innocent.  The truth no longer matters because you no longer matter.  Personal or national liberties are destroyed the same way.
A narcissist can do no wrong.  The blame will never be theirs.  They are always right.  Evidence that should incriminate will somehow disappear or be white-washed to make them shine.  Someone with so much power is capable of writing or rewriting the facts as they see fit.  History will change to benefit their future.
That prison you would have never agreed to enter, you just walked into willingly and of your own accord.  Safety and security didn’t improve, it got much worse.  The one that was supposed to protect and keep you safe now holds the key to your prison cell.  As the door slams shut your jailer walks away laughing.  You just lost your freedom and you willingly gave it away.  Some may have even cheered, “Yes you can.”    
“If you want total security, go to prison.  There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on.  The only thing lacking…is freedom.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower