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We The People

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 20, 2013
Runaway President
By Tammy Derouin
Do you need a little sugar to wash the bitter taste of the truth down, Mr. President?  I’ve grown accustomed to your smug and arrogant look regardless of the subject.
My inbox was full of headlines stating how Obama publicly took his medicine.  Dr. Benjamin Carson recently gave a keynote address at the National Prayer Breakfast.  President Obama sat several feet away. Unlike members of our press, who must remove their spines before being in the presence of the president, Dr. Carson refused to let political correctness influence his beliefs or his courage.  The very idea that it is now politically correct to coddle and appease the president turns my stomach.  I highly suggest finding his speech online.  Dr. Carson is a brilliant man with more courage than the entire press combined.
Dr. Carson’s speech included political correctness, health care, taxation and education policy.  He stated that political correctness is dangerous.  People must feel free to express their views without fear.  We are living in a time when speaking one’s mind has indeed become very dangerous.  As happy as it made me to see someone have the courage to state such thoughts and beliefs, I couldn’t help but feel a certain amount of anxiety for the good doctor.  The awareness of how much we as a nation have lost was overwhelming.  Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have been the least bit concerned.  Twenty years ago, Dr. Carson wouldn’t have had to use his speech to state the obvious.  Twenty years ago, neither the press nor Congress would have allowed one man so much power.  But here we have America’s first elected dictator with only a presidential podium as cover.
Shortly after listening to Dr. Carson’s speech, I listened to the State of the Union Address.  Where Dr. Carson filled me with pride, the dictator and chief was suffocating.  Maybe it’s because I no longer listen to the mainstream media but all I could think of after his first couple minutes of mind numbing dialog was, what comic book is he reading?  He states fiction as if it were fact.  The state of our union is not stronger.  We are so much weaker as a nation than we were just four years ago.  Our standing in the world from freedom, liberty, credibility, and loyalty to our allies, manufacturing and production, to our status as a super power, all have been greatly diminished.
He stated that the nation’s interest should come before party interest.  Everything he outlined is in the best interest of the Progressive Party.  He calls for a leaner government yet all of his proposals include big government.  Big government is not the solution.  It is not the government’s job to educate our children.  The Department of Education should be abolished.  The job of education is up to the state and local levels.  It is not the responsibility of the government to provide health care, jobs or invest our money time and time again into proven failures.  Amendment X clearly explains this and so much more. 
It is the job of the private sector to invest in itself.  The desire to do more and to do it better inspires innovation.  Government interference stifles growth.  Higher taxes and government’s ever increasing regulations are destroying our economy.  The more money people and companies have at their disposal, the more we grow and prosper as a nation.  Tax and spend does not work.  When an individual or a business falls on hard times, the answer is not to increase spending.  All unnecessary expenses are cut.  I think fiscal responsibility should involve ending all funding to other nations.  We can’t support our own debt so why should we take on the responsibility of our neighbors?  Why are we funding governments that want to destroy us?  The desire to destroy America isn’t a secret, it’s been stated loud and clear, yet this administration is funding our enemies.  Once again, that is an act of treason as outlined in the Constitution.
Yet another Constitutional destroying moment was when the dictator behind the podium stated, “If Congress won’t act on climate change, I will.”  Congress cheered.  Some stood and cheered.  By cheering, they are telling him, begging him to take more power.  Congress has the power to rein him in but instead they cheer. They are making themselves and the rest of us obsolete. An Executive Order means nothing without the funding behind it.  The House of Representatives controls all funding as stated in the Constitution.  Maybe we need to remind our representatives to stop funding everything he signs.  Checks and balances are there for a reason.  The Constitution is not outdated.  It forces restraint on a runaway president but only if we use it.
“I’m very concerned we’re about to throw away the greatest blessings a nation has ever enjoyed for the sake of political correctness.”
Dr. Benjamin Carson

Friday, February 15, 2013

February 13, 2013
By Tammy Derouin
The government does indeed think we’re fools.  Can you hear the laughter?    There is no other explanation.  Why else are they getting away with such crimes? 
The economy is a disaster.  Our debt continues to skyrocket with the guidance of our current ruler.  By the end of 2012, the federal debt had reached approximately $16 trillion.  Didn’t he say he was going to cut the debt in half?  It wasn’t long ago when the ruler wanted Congress to give him control of the debt ceiling.  Well, they suspended the federal government debt limit until May.  Now the administration can go about increasing the debt at will.  To make matters even worse, the Federal Reserve is purchasing the U.S. government debt.  Try to convince your financial institutions how buying your own debt solves the problem.  While you’re at it, try to convince them that you know you are in debt but you want to borrow even more money to give away.  If they are able to regain their composure, throw in that you want to give it to your known enemies.  These enemies will try to destroy you and everything you own, leaving you with nothing.  As proof, you can show them a history book.  One last piece of information, there isn’t a budget.  There hasn’t been a budget, there will not be a budget, and you are all-powerful.  No financial institution would even consider such a ridiculous request.  No sane person would even consider taking that argument to the bank.  So we have a ridiculously insane government.  And they want more control? 
The one mandatory function of the U.S. Government, as written in the Constitution, is to provide for the common defense.  Our ruler has decided that he would rather make our country vulnerable to attack.  The proof is in his actions.  Our borders continue to be an example of negligence.  The Border Patrol cannot keep up with all of the illegal aliens. Our troops are scattered all over the world.  They should be here, at home defending and protecting our borders. Much like our government-run schools, when cuts need to be made, they cut the necessities, not the luxuries.   Defense spending is at an all-time low.  However, federal spending on entitlements is up to 62 percent of federal spending according to the Heritage Foundation.  The ruler took the greatest and strongest nation in the world and reduced it to a welfare state.  What works in Europe doesn’t work in the United States.  Oh, that’s right it’s not working in Europe either.
The ruler doesn’t give up.  Despite all of the overwhelming evidence that Socialism and Communism doesn’t work, he still insists on pushing his agenda through.  He is tenacious.  He’s following the examples of tyranny that came before him.  He knows control of the media is critical.  After all, by controlling the media, he controls what he wants you to know and don’t count on it being the truth.  I’ve seen poll after poll that shows Americans have a much different view of gun control.  If the media makes it important, he has more leverage.  He can nudge the population, convince us that it’s for our own good.  He knows disarming the population is vital. 
A gun confiscation bill has been proposed in California.  Law abiding gun owners are at risk of having their legally registered semi-automatic rifles confiscated.  Law abiding gun owners are not the problem.  California and New York have very strict gun laws.  Do either one of these states come to mind when you consider a low gun crime state?  Gun control only harms law abiding citizens.  It’s about control.  It makes the ruler’s job so much easier if we willingly give up our rights.   Does anybody believe the ruler has ever gone skeet shooting?  Really, I’m tired of being insulted.
The ruler continues to arm our enemies.  The recent gift of F-16’s to Egypt, aka the Muslim Brotherhood, should be of great concern.  Ahmadinejad just happened to visit Egypt a couple days after they were delivered.  Benghazi should have sunk this administration.  Evidence has been surfacing that the U.S. may have been running guns through Benghazi to Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria by way of Turkey.  Article III Section 3 of the Constitution clearly states the definition of treason, “…adhering to their Enemies, giving Aid and Comfort.”  He is arming our enemies and disarming law abiding American citizens.
How did this ruler convince so many people to jump onto the Red Star, Obamatanic?  We had the proof that the ship was going down.  The promise of an unsinkable, beautiful ship was too great of a temptation.  People jumped out of their life boats to grab hold of empty promises.  And just like the original Titanic, there aren’t enough life jackets either.  Bon Voyage!
“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.”



Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 6, 2013


By Tammy Derouin

Happiness, it’s such a simple word, a word we take for granted.  The desire to be happy impacts our life every day.  Happiness is what drives us; it inspires us to take chances.  If your destination doesn’t include happiness, where are you going?  Many times we fail but we never give up.  We take chances financially, with our careers, in relationships, in our travels.  Our whole life is a risk.  We will willingly go through misery if the ultimate goal is to be happy. 

I was reminded of something my daughter, Maddie, asked me over the holidays.  We were at a holiday function when she surprised me with the question, “Do you want peace, love and happiness?”  I remember pausing.  Where did this question come from?  A minute ago she and her sister Caitlyn were busy shooting everything and everybody in sight with Nerf Guns.  It turned out she was attempting to be humorous.  She has picked up on my fondness of sarcastic humor and wanted to show me she could do it too.  The humorous part was supposedly in the follow-up, but I have yet to find it.  She now has a better understanding of sarcastic humor and she’s improving.

What a profound question.  Who doesn’t want peace, love and happiness in their life?  If those three words aren’t the motivating drive in anyone’s life, I don’t know what is.  Why would we put ourselves on a path of pain and misery if the ultimate goal wasn’t happiness?  We make decisions in life we know will cause us distress and heartache in the short term.  We will willingly sacrifice the “here and now” in the hopes that the “down the road” will be much happier. 

What meaning does life have if we aren’t happy or pursuing happiness?  In today’s high speed world, it’s still the goal but it tends to get overlooked.  Maybe we would feel guilty if we were to admit that a simpler life would make us happy.  Technology can be a wonderful thing but has it made our lives easier?  In many ways it’s only made life more complicated.  We have all been too busy to notice what is happening to us and our country. 

Our quality of life, our liberty and our happiness are all at stake.  Our founder’s knew the importance of happiness.  They included, “The pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence.  They state, “…and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…” in the Preamble of the Constitution.  If we don’t secure the blessings of liberty, there will no longer be life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.  Obama once made an offensive statement that certain people cling to their guns and their God.  We as a people must cling to our rights.  The people of the United States have a Constitution that ensures freedom but only if it’s followed.  The Constitution includes The Bill of Rights.  These are our God-given rights.  The government didn’t give us these rights, God did.  The government will however, be more than happy to eliminate them.  I guarantee once that happens, people will be clinging to the Constitution.  Sadly, it will no longer exist.  This will be the point when people will realize what an extraordinary document we had in our Constitution.

Without freedom and liberty, happiness doesn’t exist.  Our government is out of control.  The government has been and continues to over step the restrictions that were put in place by the Constitution.  We have an absolute ruler.  We have a spoiled child that thumbed his nose at the American way of life, yet somehow managed to fool the population to be elected not once but twice.  When he doesn’t get his way he holds his breath, blames others or simply does what he wants.  The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.  The sword is used to enforce the pen.  By disarming the population, the sword has a much easier job.

A senator has already claimed that Obama will make many more changes by executive order.  The ruler continues to make Congress obsolete.  The abuse of Executive Orders must end.  I’m curious, how many congressmen have actually read the Constitution?  If they have read it, why don’t they enforce it?  If they haven’t read it, why are they there?  They have the tool.  They lack knowledge or courage, probably both.  There are ways to stop the Executive Branch from over reaching; it’s called checks and balance.  The other branches must do their job or they and ultimately we, will become obsolete.  We must secure liberty not only for ourselves but for our posterity.  Will this be the generation that had it all and carelessly gave it all away?

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The Constitution: Amendment X